7 Breakfast Combinations We Absolutely Love

People have said a lot about breakfast. And we must agree that because it is the first meal of the day, it should be healthy. It is essential to have a nutritious and filling breakfast to kickstart the day well while keeping you energized for the day. But does eating healthy mean eating boring food? Well, NO. Having delicious food is also important sometimes! Talking about having tasty breakfast, there are some classic breakfast combinations that we just can’t ignore.  

No matter where we are and what we are doing, these breakfast combos can never disappoint us. From chole-bhature to puttu-kadala curry, here are 6 breakfast combinations that we absolutely love! Here you go! 


Chole Bhature is no longer a dish but an emotion for so many people out there. It is a mouth-watering combination of spicy and flavourful chickpea curry served with fluffy and hot bhature. When paired with a tangy and spicy ‘mirchi ka aachar’ and a glass full of lassi, this North Indian delight becomes a breakfast worth drooling for. Wanna know the best places to have Chole Bhature in Delhi? Click Here 

Puttu- Kadala curry 

Kerala not just has scenic beauty but scrumptious cuisine too. Among the common breakfast staples, there is puttu and kadala curry. The famous breakfast combo from Kerala is black chana gravy served with steamed cylindrical rice flour-based dish. Known not just for its unique and vibrant flavours but also its health benefits, puttu-kadala curry is worth a try. 


This humble and simple dish is a breakfast staple all across India. Light and filling, poha is made up of flattened rice and has different variants in different parts of the country. At some areas poha is served along with jalebi whereas at some places, poha is served with a spicy bhujiya on the top. While some add chopped potatoes on the top, some serve it with chopped onions and spicy gravy. But poha with sev remains to be the ultimate breakfast combo. 


A popular breakfast staple from South India is idli. These light rice-based pancakes are light, healthy and delicious. Traditionally made up of rice and urad dal, idlis are best served with sambar and chutney. But if you are looking for a quick and light meal, you can grab some idlis and have it with a flavourful coconut chutney? What say? 


A day in North India, for so many people, starts with butter loaded paranthas, isn’t it? Sometimes simple while sometimes with different stuffings like aloo, gobhi, pyaaz etc., paranthas make up for a healthy, filling and soul food. And when served with ‘safed makhan’ on top, these paranthas can show you heaven. Believe me! 


A hearty breakfast in Gujarat looks like jalebi and fafda. These are two separate dishes I.e., jalebi and fafda. While jalebi is sweet, fafda is a thin fried strip made up of besan and seasoned with spices. The whole meal is packed with health benefits and is light. So, next time, don’t forget to have this unique breakfast combination. 

Koraishutir Kochuri And Aloo Dum 

Aloo Dum and Peas Kachori is a very popular Bengali breakfast loved by people all across the globe. It consists of crispy and flaky kachoris filled with spiced pea mixture and paired with the spicy and tangy potato curry. Have you ever tried this?? 

Aren’t these breakfast combinations great? Do let us know which is your favourite!