6 Bite-Sized Snacks You Must Make For Evening Chai-Time
Image Credit: Freepik

Don’t you just love it when you come back home, have completed all the work for the day, and now you just want to sit with your cup of chai? But the refreshing evening cup of hot tea would be incomplete without a snack to munch on. If you are looking for some quick snacks to pair with your evening tea, here are some impeccable recommendations.

While it’s pretty common to have a few biscuits with tea, you might not always want to do that, right? Why don’t you enhance your evening chai time with some delicious bite-sized snacks? Read on and explore sweet options like barfi and some spicy ones as well. You can try to choose the best ones for yourself and have a tasty and light snack with your chai.

Masala Mathri

Mathri is a crunchy maida-based snack that is fried and added with a lot of spices to give it a masala twist. The major spices used in making masala mathri are red chilli powder, coriander, and cumin in the maida-based dough. If you’re someone who likes mild flavours, you can go for plain salted mathri or even indulge in its sweet version.


Murmura is a crunchy snack that is basically a traditional name for puffed rice. It is a perfect snack for your evening chai time as it comes in a variety of options. You can toss it in peanuts, bhujia, chopped onions and tomatoes with a squeeze of lemon and enjoy it. Or, you can get a spicy version of murmura with some premixed spices that pair perfectly with the usual ginger-based tea.


If you have some time to spend cooking, you can make pakore in the evening with your cup of tea. Anyway, it’ll be kind of a mandate on the days when the weather is pleasant. So you can chop some vegetables like potatoes, onions, cauliflower, paneer, etc. and make crispy fritters with some red and green chutney.


If you have a sweet tooth, nankhatai, the traditional Indian cookie, will be perfect for your evening tea time. This bite-sized mouth-melting treat is usually made with flour, milk, and additives like cardamom, coconut, and a lot of dry fruits and nuts. You can also go for the chocolate versions, depending on your personal preference.


Makhana (fox nuts) is a classic tea-time snack. If you’re looking for a healthy snack, makhana is the way to go. You can roast the store-bought makhana at home and take a handful to pair with tea. To spice things up, you can add the basic masalas along with some roasted peanuts and make the snack even more indulgent.


Barfi is another bite-sized snack that you can pick up with your cup of evening chai if you like something sweet on the sides. You can choose from the vast variety of barfis available, like besan barfi, kaju katli, coconut barfi, khoya barfi, and the list can go on and on. Just pick a piece or two, have some bites while sipping tea, and make the most out of your evening.