6 Best Dips & Accompaniments To Try At Home
Image Credit: Dips and accompaniments sure are a blessing in disguise for many of us.

A typical meal in my home isn’t complete without a bowl of dhania chutney and a bottle of achaar. No matter what’s on the main course, without these accompaniments they have no power it seems in my home. Thanks to the habit of always mixing a dash of chutney and achaar in all our dals and sabzis, that my parents and I have, I wonder what would happen if one fine day dhania isn’t available in the market. But until then, thank God for its existence. A hint of it makes every dull meal dramatic and not just lunch or dinner, have you ever tried spreading the same chutney over a slice of bread for sandwiches? Heavenly!  

Isn't it amazing, how a little flavour boost can change your entire dining experience? Dips and accompaniments sure are a blessing in disguise for many of us, especially the fussy eaters like me. And this isn’t just about Indian cuisine, almost every country and region has its own set of ingredients which go into making some of the most interesting accompaniments. Be it the simple tomato sauce, mayonnaise, soy sauce, mustard sauce, salsa or your hummus, baba ganoush, pesto, sriracha and much more - there is literally no end to it. The best part? They pair so well with almost anything and everything. 

Dishing out these dips and accompaniments at home too is easy since there are no rules. All you need to do is take a few ingredients and you are free to do all that you want. Play around with flavours, textures and so on. If you want to try your hands in making accompaniments then dips and chutneys would be your best bet. You can include just about anything in your accompaniment, from pickled meat and pork to nuts and dried fruits. And to help you make the best of it, we’ve got you sorted with some of our best recipes right here. 

1. Béarnaise Sauce 

A yummy French sauce usually served with steak at fine dining restaurants, Béarnaise has egg yolks combined with a white wine vinegar reduction over a double boiler. In the end, melted butter is slowly drizzled over it, lending a distinct, tantalising flavour. 

2. Homemade Salsa 

Cloves, tomatoes, cilantro, lime and kosher salt comes together to create this yummy Mexican treat. 

3. Hummus 

This all-time Middle Eastern dip made with chickpeas, tahini, garlic and a hint of paprika goes well with just about anything and everything. Though our most favourite remains pita bread.  

4. Guacamole 

Straight from Mexico, Guacamole is an avocado-based dip, with onion, cilantro and jalapeno mixed in a with a tang of lime.  

5. Amla Pickle 

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a powerhouse of health benefits and this pickle is one of the best ways to reap all of that, with the added flavour. 

6. Meen Achar 

Fish pickle, yes youread that right. Meen Achar has marinated fish, deep fried and mixed with a splutter of mustard seeds, curry leaves, ginger, chilli powder and more. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?