6 Benefits Of Having Ajwain Water Every Morning

Ajwain is a spice that needs no introduction. Also known as carrom seeds, ajwain is one such spice used in everyday cooking in Indian kitchens. Right from being put into herbal tea to parathas as well as pakodas, ajwain is used everywhere thanks to their versatility. Besides, they are extensively used in Ayurvedic massages too. Ajwain is grown in India especially in Rajasthan, in large scale. Actually, it is a plant fruit which is dried and then used in the form of a seed.  

Talking about the benefits of ajwain, there is not one but many benefits. It has an essential oil called thymol and thus, could be a boon for human health. Not just this, it is also loaded with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants as well as fiber. There are so many people who swear by ajwain water as it is a part of their morning ritual. Not just can it promote better digestion, but it can also help with weight loss. Wanna know more about the benefits of ajwain water? Here you go! 

Video credits: India.com

Promotes Digestion 

If you are suffering from digestion related issues, you must start drinking ajwain water every morning. Ajwain water can manage gas and even prevent and cure chronic digestive issues. Because of antioxidants, ajwain water can reduce the effect of gastric ulcers. 

Aids Weight Loss 

If you are struggling hard to lose weight, ajwain water is what you need. It can reduce cholesterol level and boosts metabolism. Because of niacin and thymol, it can make the body responsive and active. Ajwain water is power packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber as well as antioxidants. It can promote weight loss and could also remove toxins from the body.  

Prevents Bloating 

Several adults especially the pregnant women, suffer because of constipation as well as bloating. To get rid of this, ajwain water could be a magical remedy. Because of their thymol content, ajwain water strengthens the uterus wall and prevents constipation as well as bloating. 

Remedy For Cough And Cold 

Ajwain is an efficient remedy for cold and cough. Ajwain water can prevent coughing and could also help in getting rid of nasal blockage. It can help in easy mucus discharge and relaxes the muscles.  

Keeps Cholesterol Levels In Check 

If some studies are to be believed, ajwain water has antioxidants and thus, it can reduce the high cholesterol levels when consumed in regular intervals. Ajwain water can also prevent the risk of heart diseases and promote healthy heart health.  

Reduces Period Cramps 

As per India.com, ajwain water has anti-inflammatory properties which can help in promoting the regular period cycle. Besides, ajwain water can also help in reducing period cramps and provide you a stress-free and pain-free period experience.  

When are you making ajwain water a part of your morning ritual?