Is Goat Milk Really Healthy? Find Out

Whenever there is a discussion about milk, many people usually think of cow milk or buffalo milk but there is one more milk type which is equally beneficial and healthy but quite underrated. Yes, we are talking about goat milk. Goat milk may not be as popular as the cow milk consumed in every other household but is power packed with ample nutrients. If some studies are to be believed, it is even healthier as compared to its other counterparts. 

Goat milk is produced by female goats after the childbirth I.e., generally between 0 to 3 days. This milk is loaded with so many nutrients and thus considered even healthier than cow milk, as per some studies. In some countries, goat milk is as common as cow milk in India. Some studies claim that children should not consume goat milk as because of its certain nutrients, it should be consumed at a certain age.  

Right from promoting better digestion to promoting weight loss, goat milk can do wonders. Let us know about 6 incredible benefits of goat milk.  

Promotes Better Digestion 

Some known studies believe that goat milk has a chemical composition quite similar to human milk. Thus, the nutrients in the goat milk get absorbed by the body easily. Goat milk helps in getting rid of digestion issues and promotes smooth digestion.  

Good For Bones 

Milk is known for its calcium content. No matter which milk type it is, it is loaded with calcium and can promote healthy and strong bones. Goat milk is no exception. It also has a good amount of calcium which is extremely good for bone health. 

Boosts Immunity 

Strong immunity helps in fighting diseases and infections. Let us tell you that goat milk has a good source of selenium, which is a mineral extremely good for immunity. When consumed regularly, goat milk can battle seasonal infections as well as illnesses and can keep the immunity stronger. 

Loaded With Anti-Inflammatory Properties 

It happens when people complain of inflammation and stomach aches after consuming cow milk. But unlike cow milk, goat milk has a unique enzyme which helps in getting rid of inflammation in the stomach as well as the parts of the body. 

Has Less Lactose 

Not just does goat milk have the capability of promoting better digestion, it also contains less lactose as compared to its other counterparts, as per some studies. If you are lactose intolerant, you can consume goat milk but after the doctor’s recommendation.  

Aids Weight Loss 

Goat milk may be power packed with many nutrients as well as fatty acids but still it doesn’t lead to weight gain. This is because the fatty acids present in goat milk are beneficial and don’t lead to fat storage in the body. If some studies are to be believed, goat milk can actually lead to weight loss when consumed in the right way.