5 Variations Of Candy Corn You Can Make At Home

No matter what the occasion is, you can never go wrong with adding candies to a spread or distributing it among children. People of every age like to indulge in sugary treats (Duh! Because they are delicious). Among a variety of candies which you can make at home, candy corn is something that you must try at least once.

These are small corn-shaped candies flaunting at least three different hues. The tricolour treats are famous in the US around Thanksgiving but who said you cannot enjoy them throughout the year? Depending on the season, your mood, the theme of the party, and the preferred flavours of your guests, you can infuse an array of variations into these candies and enjoy them.

Chocolate Candy Corn

When in doubt, always pick chocolate to flavour your dessert or sweet treats. If you make candy corn using chocolate, it will add a glossy finish and smooth texture to the candies. You can add three colours by layering dark chocolate, brown milk chocolate, and white chocolate. It will be a burst of flavour and texture in your mouth. Not to mention that it will be a hit among adults as well as children at a party.

Caramel Candy Corn

Usually, candy corn has a yellow layer at the bottom, which can be replaced by caramel, boasting a golden brown hue and rich texture. The buttery note will make the traditional candy taste even more delicious. It will be chewy, and children will love it. If you wish, you can replace orange or white layers as well with caramel.

Traditional Candy Corn

When your brain cannot churn out any creative ideas for candies, go with the traditional recipe (after all, cliche is a cliche for a reason). Prepare a smooth mixture of butter, sugar, and corn syrup. Add food colours - orange, yellow, and white - to it and make candy corn kernels. The result, after putting in so much effort, will be sweet and chewy. You can store these in an airtight jar and enjoy them for weeks and months.

Nutty Candy Corn

The name of the treat suggests that it will have the richness and crunch of nuts. You can pick your favourite nuts, including almonds, pecans, and pistachios. You can add these to the colourful mixture of candy corn, roll them in cylinders, and layer them perfectly. Once the mixture cools off a bit, cut triangular candy corn kernels. Instead of adding colours, you can divide the mixture into three portions and add three different types of nuts to it.

Maple Candy Corn

To the traditional recipe of candy corn, you can add maple syrup to the portion divided into the white section. When you layer the three colours of candy and taste the candy corn, you will notice a buttery essence that will remind you of the sweet notes of maple syrup drizzled over morning pancakes. The syrup adds a depth of flavour and transforms the traditional candies into delicious delights.