6 Most Expensive Sweet Dishes In The World And What’s In Them

You must have seen jewels, artefacts, paintings, automobiles, houses, and accessories being sold for millions. They feature expensive stones, metals, and hundreds of hours of work that artists put into creating masterpieces worth millions and billions of dollars. Have you ever heard that a dessert is being sold for thousands of dollars? What could the recipe possibly have that would be worth this much?

Video Credit: Bigger Bolder Baking/ YouTube

There are many sweet dishes that scream money. They might not include actual currency like Daulat Chaat, but they sure will make you want to get a hard look at your account and cry. The desserts mentioned below are arranged in the descending order of their prices. Take a look at what makes these delicacies the most expensive in the world.

Strawberries Arnaud

If you ever want to try this dessert, you can only find it in Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans. The recipe of the dessert has existed since the 18th century, this particular restaurant adds a few elements that make it the most expensive dessert in the world. It is made by using whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, and strawberries, but the restaurant casually throws a 10.06-carat blue diamond ring to the list of ingredients taking the value of the dessert to $9.85 million. 

Diamond Fruitcake

Up until now, you must have thought that fruitcake can only have a variety of fruits. How can the cost of it run in millions? It would if the recipe had 170 g of gold and 223 diamonds in it. This diamond fruitcake is sold in the Takashimaya Department Store in Tokyo, Japan. Priced at $1.65 million, this fruitcake is costlier than some of the expensive sports cars that many aspire to own.

Strawberries And Cream

Before you can guess the price, the cost of tasting this ordinary yet unique dessert is $1.4 million. Arnaud’s Restaurant in New Orleans sells this delicious but out-of-the-budget dessert with a 7.09-carat pink diamond. Strawberries are marinated in port wine and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, and topped with a dazzling diamond.

Three Twins’ Ice Cream

This dessert was invented by Neal Gottlieb, and the company that sells it is known for serving unique flavours of ice cream to its customers. Reportedly, people fly to Tanzania and reach the top of Mount Kilimanjaro to enjoy scoops of satiating dessert. The Three Twins’ ice cream is a sundae featuring rare vanilla bean ice cream. The unique elements are Tahitian vanilla and gold leaf making it cost $60,000.

Lindeth Howe Country House Hotel Pudding

If you ever get a chance to visit Lindeth Howe Country Hotel in Cumbria County, England, try their pudding if you are willing to pay $35,000 for it. The dessert was created by Chef Marc Guibert, and it features gold and caviar. While everything is edible in its recipe except for a 2-carat diamond. You cannot order it in an instant but will have to inform the hotel about your wish to try it and make a downpayment for it.

Frozen Haute Chocolate

This expensive dessert was developed in New York by Stephen Bruce. Truffle for this recipe is sourced from France and cocoa is brought from different places in the world. This dish is not only known for adding exquisite ingredients but also comes with an 18-carat gold bracelet, featuring a 1-carat diamond, an edible gold goblet, and a golden spoon. This dessert is priced at $25,000.