5 Tips To Cook Chicken On Point
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Chicken is one of the most loved and commonly used poultry meats in India and is used to prepare several dishes like curries, biryanis, soups, and even snacks like chicken pakoras and popcorn. But let's be clear about one thing: no one likes dry or undercooked chicken. It is one of the most unappetizing things ever.

Since chicken dishes are special, you need to avoid certain mistakes that ruin your chicken. From the chicken pieces to the cooking process, here are five key points that one must remember to cook on point and relish succulent pieces of chicken in many delicacies.

Avoid Using Frozen Chicken

In India, the frozen chicken market isn't as big compared to other countries in the world. But frozen chicken isn't the best bet when it comes to juicy chicken, either. When you cook chicken, it turns moist because of the water content. Frozen chicken, on the other hand, has its water content removed, so when you cook with it, it might result in a dry dish that most of them dislike. So ensure you get fresh chicken instead of frozen for the best results.

Marinating Or Brining Is Important

Many people often forget or skip marinating or brining their chicken when they are in a hurry, which happens a lot in today's world. But if you want a flavourful and tender chicken, brining and marinating should never be skipped.

Brining is basically when you soak your chicken in salt water with a pinch of salt. This is an important step since it helps retain moisture and avoids overcooking. Marination, on the other hand, is done to add flavour to your chicken while also making it tender. Marination is done using spices, curd, lemon juice, and other ingredients, depending on the dish that you are making.

Pounding Makes A Difference

Pounding may not seem like an important step in the process of cooking chicken but it makes a big difference. If you have noticed, chicken breast is a thick piece of meat. So, during the cooking process, it is quite possible to overcook the outer layer of the breast while the inside of it is undercooked.

To avoid such uneven cooking, make sure you pound the meat before cooking by using a meat mallet or hammer. This will soften the meat and make sure that you get a properly cooked chicken on the outside and the inside.

Include Bone-In Chicken For Cooking

If you are a fan of only boneless chicken pieces, you might know that they are best for some dishes alone, like chicken 65 or pakora, where the chicken is deep-fried in oil and may not be strong on the chicken's flavour or aroma.

Bone-in chicken pieces like thighs contain a lot of fat content that helps retain moisture as it melts during cooking. This imparts a great flavour to your food while also keeping your chicken moist, so get both bone-in and boneless pieces of chicken for the best experience.

Cover With A Lid While Cooking To Retain Steam

This is an important step while cooking so make sure you put a lid on your pan when the chicken is being cooked. The reason behind this is that the steam is retained because of this, which provides moisture to the chicken. This ensures that your chicken doesn't turn out dry after it is cooked because of the steam and the heat.