5 Tips To Avoid Milk From Curdling This Summer
Image Credit: Unsplash

Summertime is when a lot of other things, including fruits and vegetables, go bad rapidly. It is, therefore, crucial that you preserve them appropriately. Fresh milk has many health benefits and is a great way to relieve your thirst, especially during the summer months. The issue in the heat is that milk curdles fast, making it impossible to keep for extended periods of time. Even after storing it in the refrigerator, this issue frequently persists. In certain cases, milk may not completely curdle, but its flavour is compromised. For long-term storage of milk in the summer without it going bad or curdling, try these tips.

Tips To Avoid Milk From Curdling

Always Use A Clean Vessel

When boiling milk, always ensure that the vessel is clean. If you're confused, simply wash the container once with water. After that, pour one or two spoonfuls of water into the vessel before adding the milk. This prevents the milk from adhering to the bottom and helps the cream freeze properly.

Boil Regularly

To protect milk from curdling in the summer, boil it four times in 24 hours and don't keep the gas flame on high when simmering. After two to three boils, switch off the gas and cover the milk until it is lukewarm, leaving room in the plate and pot. When the milk is completely covered, it occasionally curdles. So, leave a little gap between the lid and the vessel.

Don't Leave Milk On The Counter

Just before using, take the milk from the refrigerator. After using, quickly put the remaining milk in the refrigerator. The longer the milk is left out, the higher the chance of spoiling due to the increased temperature.

Be Careful With Packaged Milk

Although experts believe packaged milk does not need to be heated for an extended period of time, it is already pasteurised to ensure sterility and preservation. The nutrients in it are diminished by heating again. Thus, after you bring the milk home, aim to finish it within a few hours.

To keep it from spoiling for those few hours, soak a jute sack in cold water and wrap the milk packet in it for a while. Prior to utilising the packaged milk, make sure to check the expiration date.

Store It Mindfully In The Refrigerator

It's not enough to just place the milk in the refrigerator. It must also be stored correctly. Milk cartons, packages, and bottles shouldn't be placed inside the refrigerator door as doing so would increase their exposure to the outside temperature each time the door opens. Instead, put it in the refrigerator's chiller tray area. Even with the refrigerator door open, this compartment stays closed. Additionally, don't keep other foods in that section, especially ones that you might need to open the refrigerator frequently.