World Milk Day 2024: Nutritionists Explain Importance Of Dairy
Image Credit: Unsplash

If you're going to the gym to grow muscle or simply trying to stay fit, including milk in your daily dietary plan might be advantageous. Milk is high in nutrients that can assist your body and it may be a simple method to add more protein to your regular diet. From conventional (and tasty) cow's milk to low-fat cheese and protein-enriched yoghurt, there are several alternatives to aid you with your muscle-building efforts.

Slurrp asked various nutritionists and health coaches in order to delve deep into the mysteries of milk and uncover how traditional dairy products can prove beneficial to gym goers or people trying to get themselves fit with expert opinions and advice.

What Do The Nutritionists Say?

Here are the key points that Slurrp found from the interview regarding the benefits of milk for fitness:

Nandini Sharma, a certified nutritionist and influencer shared her thoughts by emphasising milk as a complete protein source, "Milk has all nine essential amino acids and that is why I consider it a great source of protein for everyone who wishes to develop muscle or maintain good health" she said.

Not only that but she also mentioned the other nutrients present in milk and why they are so important not only in achieving fitness goals but for general health as well by stating, "Milk is a powerhouse of micronutrients like vitamin D, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, magnesium and many others which are important for growth in children and thriving health in adults." She calls it "Nature's Best Multivitamin."

She concluded the interview with a valuable tip that is crucial for everyone in today's world where people struggle to keep their energy levels at an optimum level due to daily weariness and stress. She emphasised that drinking a glass of milk at bedtime is a great way for bodybuilders to recover and regroup. She said, "Ending the day with a glass of milk is excellent for energy levels, muscle growth and deep sleep. 80% of milk has casein protein which has been shown to speed up muscle recovery and enhance exercise performance."

Slurrp interviewed another Nutritionist and Fitness coach, Rahul Sachdeva to gain more insights on the benefits of milk for bodybuilders. He stated the importance of milk and dairy products for optimum bone health as lifters and bodybuilders often struggle with bone health problems due to the heavy lifting performed in the gym. He stated, "Milk and dairy products are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium. It has an important role in bone health. These reduce the risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures." Rahul also recommends drinking one glass of milk every day in order to provide you with essential nutrients that are required for your body to function at its prime.

Key Takeaways

Many people who train out at the gym to build muscle use protein drinks or supplements to boost muscle growth after their workout. Naturally, these drinks contain a lot of additional protein and other nutrients, which are also found in milk.

So, can milk help you grow muscle? Milk is high in protein and contains a variety of additional minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and vitamins B2 and B12, making it an excellent choice for muscle development and maintenance.

Balance is essential in almost every aspect of life. It is impossible to obtain all of your needs from a single food source, and there are no miraculous meals that will provide all of the answers, nor is there a single perfect diet for muscle building. Whatever your fitness or physique objectives are, a healthy, balanced diet should always serve as the foundation. Just like that, you can always rely on other dairy products apart from milk like cottage cheese (paneer), Greek yoghurt, curd, cheese, and more to support your muscle growth and maintenance.