5 Times Chandler Bing Won Hearts By Being A Relatable Foodie
Image Credit: Google Images

FRIENDS, one of the most popular sitcoms of the 90s, has really been there for people who needed it. The warmth and wit of the characters never failed to charm its millions of viewers. While there are many incidents and stories that are relatable for different people, the ones with the food make the viewers go, “That’s so like us.” 

But whenever the term “foodie” is used in reference to FRIENDS, the character Joey pops into everyone’s heads. While his love for sandwiches and pizzas is known to all, you might have missed Chandler’s relatability as a foodie. Here are 5 times when Chandler just won the audience’s heart by being a fellow foodie.

The One With The Cheesecake

“Mama’s Little Bakery, Chicago, Illinois,” has been imprinted in a FRIENDS’ fan’s brain after the episode where Chandler and Rachel discover a box of cheesecake left on their doorstep. 

Chandler enjoying the crispy outside and buttery cream inside has been nothing but a delight. From cutting the cheesecake into half halves to eating it from the floor with a “stick to your side”, the episode was filled with a relatable moment for every foodie.

The One With The Cranberry Sauce

Every Thanksgiving episode on FRIENDS is filled with food. Be it the one where Rachel screwed up the trifle or when Joey puts on maternity pants to eat the whole turkey all by himself. 

But the one where Chandler helps out Monica to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner shines differently. Monica let him make the cranberry sauce, and he made it with all of him. When the other characters were late and Joey smashed into the prepared dinner, all Chandler could ask was, “Is the cranberry sauce okay?”

The One With “Little Drops Of Heaven”

The people-pleasing Monica is a little high maintenance, but Chandler likes maintaining her. So when she decided to get to know the neighbours by making candies and putting the box outside the apartment, Chandler stood by her. The famous “little drops of heaven” picked up, and Chandler shut the neighbours off with “no more candies” because the neighbours called Monica the candy lady; he saved the remaining candies for themselves and went to sleep peacefully.

The One With The Ice Cream Tub

If there’s one moment that made people relate to the foodie side of Chandler, it has to be when he sat with an ice cream tub moping after a breakup. 

While Chandler sobbed with Monica and Rachel, he even complained about the ice cream being crappy. But Rachel revealed it to be fat-free as, after a breakup, Chandler couldn’t afford to put on the extra weight. Devoid of the sad situation, Chandler truly made the audience fall in love with him with his innocence and the tub of ice cream.

The One With The Mac And Cheese

There are numerous instances where Chandler reveals his love for plain old mac and cheese. Be it when he first meets Monica on Thanksgiving, and she prepares a cheesy bowl for him, and he asks Monica to become a chef, or after he sweeps Monica off her feet. And for sure, you must have had a drooling mouth craving a hot bowl of macaroni with melted cheese. Just like that, even the funniest one made you relate to his foodie side.