Raising A Toast To 20 Years Of Harry Potter—Easy Dishes Inspired By The Legendary Series

20 years back the adolescent in me never knew that a plain-to-read book on magic and spells, with an interesting boy with the scar, who lived as the central character, could turn into a phenomenon. It changed my reading collection for the better. I never imagined back then that exchanging that Philosopher’s Stone among friends and competing to see who remembers the trivia better would turn into a global sensation causing mass popularity sustaining even now in 2021. My mid-school and high school years were high on the Harry Potter bandwagon.

As the 1st January 2022 Reunion special, Back to Hogwarts is set to air worldwide, looking back at those years reminds me of how Harry Potter and his adventures shaped so much in my friendships and teenage relationships.

Awe-inspiring, inspirational, and a brilliant escape—the Harry Potter literature and cinema both signify all of these. Interestingly one aspect of the books that is often not talked about is the interesting mention of some lips-smacking food.

With New Year Eve and New Year Day just around the corner, it might be helpful to cook up a Harry Potter-inspired feast. While some menu items from the series are very “English” and some very magical; you sure can have a desi version revamped to suit your guests and your taste buds.

Rock Cakes

A Hagrid fave, the Rock Cakes can be the precursor to a muddy choco-chip lava cake you whip up at home. Make a basic cake batter with flour, cocoa powder, butter sugar, and water in the right proportions. Add dark chocolate chips and bake it as a muffin. Cut out the centre, inject some gooey panache, and cover up with the cake you cut out. Warm it up before serving, in the microwave. Decadent, delicious and oh-so-Harry Potter-ish!

Pumpkin Juice

While Muggles like you and me might not be able to actually make and enjoy pumpkin juice, some pumpkin tomato chicken soup with fritters could be an ideal ode to this magical item. Make the soup little Indian-ized with garam-masala tampering and some fresh cream garnish. A warm treat to warm you up as you sit back to enjoy the 1st Jan Harry Potter special.

English Toffee

Eclairs or English toffee was a quick fave that Mrs.Weasley cooked up often at the Burrow. While it might not be too desi, get inspired to make a caramel kheer recipe. Simply make some caramel with plain old sugar and top up your usual green with the same. Bake this in the even for a couple of minutes on a steam bath and see the magic unfold in the dessert arena.


The Hogwarts wizard or witch loves a chill and butter beer does just that! Get inspired from the drink and make butterscotch laced frappe right at home on your mixer. Use the Gold variant of coffee at hand and pulse it up before adding the tinge of butterscotch!!

Roast Turkey Legs

Turkey might be a little mellow and too much work for Indian kitchens but inspired from the roasted turkey legs of the Annual Hogwarts Welcome feast, give a spin to make some desi chicken wings with a tikka masala marinade. Roast it to perfection in your grill or oven and see the magic your roast does to the New Year menu you set.

Feasting For The New Year

Some unique English items such as Yorkshire puddings, gravy, roasted veggies on the sides and treacle tart are also found on the magical menu of Hogwarts. You can recreate these originals if you may but setting a desi close to heart menu inspired by the magical and “almost unreal” items from the series could be nothing short of magical. After all, this could just be the perfect toast you raise to growing up; to magical changes in life and celebrating the time I got hooked to an experience that phenomenally stays ever so fresh even 20 years after it began!

About Author: Satarupa B. Kaur has been writing professionally since a decade now. Always on the go; she loves travel, books, playtime with her toddler as she explores new places and food.