Popular Indian Candies That Are Reminders Of The 90s
Image Credit: Instagram/themissingdrumstick

Whether it’s minty and cigarette-shaped, or sweetness mingled with the flavours of paan, Indian candy has managed to cover every flavour and shape. Mohanlal Chauhan set up the now-popular confectionary brand Parle in Vile Parle, Mumbai's suburb, in the 1920s. Chauhan belonged to a family of former silk traders and used his training from Germany to give European candy serious competition. Parle first began producing orange candy, which was sold to local shops throughout the country. Peppermints and other boiled sweets followed. Soon, Parle came to be identified with Indian candy. Some of their popular brands include Kismi, Poppins, Rol-a-Cola, Mango Bite and Melody.

Ravalgaon, another Indian sweets brand, started its operations in the 1940s. Orange candy and milk toffee were their first few experiments but their most popular candy turned out to be Pan Pasand, a success story like no other. Other companies soon entered the market and India was given treats like Phantom Cigarettes by Pune's Harnik General Foods, and Swad by Indore’s Panjon.

Despite imported candy lining shelves at Indian stores, candy produced in the country remained a firm favourite. Smart advertising and cheerful packaging contributed to this. 

Here are five Indian candy brands from the 80s and 90s that have made a place in the hearts of many:


Although it originated in the 1960s, Kismi was very popular among the generation that grew up in the 90s. Its classic cardamom and caramel flavour won many hearts. These days, the brand produces many other Indian flavours like Kulfi, Rosemilk, Rajbhog and even Meetha Paan.

Mango Bite

Its bright yellow and green packaging is etched in the memory of those who ate it regularly. Mango Bite made ripe mangoes more accessible, albeit in candy form. Its sister brand, Kaccha Mango Bite, is a more recent development that emulates the taste of raw mangoes. 


Marketed as a solid cola candy, eating Rol-a-Cola was no different from drinking Cola. It was such a favourite among kids in the 90s that a social media campaign with the hashtag #BringRolaColaBack took the internet by storm and the candy returned in 2019.

Phantom Sweet Cigarettes

Mimicking cigarettes, complete with a slender white body and glowing orange-red end, Phantom Sweet Cigarettes made kids very happy. The taste was minty and made people momentarily forget the social messaging that cigarette smoking is injurious to health as they enjoyed innocent versions of the more dangerous sticks.

Pan Pasand 

This candy combined sweetness with the mouth freshening properties of paan. Still stored in jars at local corner shops, its bright pink packaging never fails to catch the eye. Pan Pasand made kids feel like they had the permission to feast on paan, a treat otherwise reserved for adults.