5 Summer-Friendly Hummus Recipes To Try
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Hummus is truly one of the identification marks of Mediterranean cuisine. It is an extremely creamy and rich dip that is traditionally made from chickpeas and consumed with pita bread. The combination of these two condiments makes for one of the most popular parts of the mezze platter. As everyone knows, Indians have a habit of Indianising almost every other international recipe. 

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Hummus is no exception, as Indians not only like to pair hummus with pita bread but also with different types of Indian flatbreads. Also, people around the world like to have this creamy and smooth dip with different types of chips and dry snacks. The widespread popularity of hummus has led to the creation of many recipes that are a slight deviation from the conventional hummus recipe. However, they are equally delicious and flavourful. Here are some summer-friendly hummus recipes that one can try making at home.

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* Beetroot Hummus

Beetroot is a summer essential and one of the favourite vegetables of nutritionists and doctors. Besides being rich in different types of vitamins and fibres, it has a very tempting flavour along with an alluring colour. To make this delicious meal at home, all one needs is some shredded beetroot, cumin seed, chickpeas, olive oil, curd, and a little bit of salt and black pepper. One must roast the shredded beetroot in an oven or on a pan for at least 10 minutes. Simultaneously, one must dry roast sesame seeds and cumin seeds. In a food processor, one must bring together all the ingredients and make a very smooth paste out of it by using a little bit of water. Then, after transferring it to a bowl, one can add a little bit of lime juice and fresh coriander leaves to the top.

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* Basil Pesto Hummus

Basil pesto hummus is an extremely aromatic and delicious hummus that is light, creamy, and fresh. This makes it perfect for the summers, and it can be served as a refreshing appetiser to guests. To make this rejuvenating dip, one has to take 2 cups of boiled chickpeas, garlic, cloves, basil leaves, parmesan cheese, olive oil, and some pine nuts. Now, in a blender, one must add garlic, basil, leaves, pine nuts, and parmesan cheese. To this, one must slowly add some olive oil for emulsification. After all of these have been blended, mustard seeds, chickpeas and salt have to be blended again with the mixture. The final step is to sprinkle a little bit of red chilli powder and fresh basil leaves on the top.

* Pumpkin Hummus

A lot of people have an aversion to pumpkin because of its mushy texture. However, making a delicious pumpkin hummus at home that has tantalising flavours of tabasco sauce, rosemary springs, and different types of herbs is the right way to introduce pumpkin into one's life. To make this hummus, one will need chickpeas, pumpkin, garlic, cloves, lemon juice, cumin seed powder, tabasco sauce, salt to taste, red chilli powder, olive oil, and rosemary springs. The pumpkin cubes must be first dry roasted. Then, all of these ingredients have to be blended to make a thick paste with the help of a little bit of water.

* Lemon Hummus

Lemon is widely used during summer to make different types of savoury dishes as well as flavourful drinks. The citrusy flavour of lemons helps in incorporating freshness into any kind of food. This dip is made by taking a bunch of basil leaves, cumin seed powder, sesame seeds, boiled chickpeas, garlic, cloves, curd and salt as per taste. The initial step is to first dry roast spices like cumin seeds and sesame seeds in a pan. Then, in a food processor, one has to mix all the ingredients and blend everything properly. The final step is to sprinkle some red chilli powder and fresh basil leaves on the top of the hummus

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* Red Pepper Hummus

Red pepper hummus is the more tantalising version of the regular hummus. To make this flavourful dip, one has to blend some red bell peppers with ingredients like garlic, boiled chickpeas, lemon juice, parsley, and salt as per taste. Remember that the red bell peppers must be first roasted in the oven for five minutes before being blended in the food processor. After blending all the ingredients, one has to drizzle some olive oil on the top and sprinkle a lot of red chilli powder and parsley.