5 Signature Dishes From East India That You Must Try

There’s no denying the fact that India is a country with a diverse culture that reflects in its expansive cuisine. From Bengal to south India, to Goa to Bihar, right from the style of cooking, to the ingredients used, to how the dish is served to how it is eaten, differs in different regions. And while we all are in awe of North Indian and South Indian delicacies due to the popularity they have across the world, there still is a lot to explore in India. Take for instance, the Eastern region of India that comprises of states such as Bihar, West Bengal, Sikkim, Orissa and more, and the food is sure to take you on an all-new gastronomical retreat!

The east Indian region is full of beautiful beaches as well as mountains, the cuisine also bears a strong influence from Chinese and Mongolian cuisines, and also of the local invaders and colonisers. Isn’t that exciting enough to try some of the local delicacies from here? So let us walk you through five of the most amazing East Indian delicacies that you can prepare at home too!

A popular delicacy from Bihar, litti chokha truly represent the earthiness of the state. Litti refers to a ball of dough, stuffed with sattu, roasted until cooked and dipped in desi ghee. Chokha is a curry made with a blend of baingan (eggplant), tomatoes, potatoes and a host of flavourful spices that is sure to impress your taste buds. With cooling and energising properties of sattu, litti chokha is quite a beloved morning meal in Bihar.

 Also known as Khajuria or Thikari, Thekua is a sweet snack that is popular across the regions of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkhand and even eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is a traditional sweet treat made with whole wheat flour, raisins, dry coconut jaggery/ sugar, and ghee or refined oil, especially on festivals such as Chhath Puja.  

A staple fish curry from the state of West Bengal, machher jhol is made in mustard oil with mouth-watering flavours of onion seeds, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and bay leaf, tossed with marinated fish.  Served best with cooked rice, you don’t want to miss this Bengali speciality.

A typical mutton curry of Sikkim region, pakku is prepared with marinated mutton pieces cooked in an aromatic curry of ginger paste, dry coriander, cumin seeds, onion, nutmeg powder, turmeric powder and salt.  

A nutritionally rich delicacy from Odisha which is made with split chickpeas. The unique part about Dalma is that it is cooked with raw papaya besides potatoes and a host of masalas, making it a wholesome bowl.

So, which of these delicacies are you cooking next?