5 Red Flags Your Bartender Is Not Mixing Your Cocktails Properly
Image Credit: Unsplash

You run the chance of running into terrible situations every time you go out for drinks with pals, including terrible pick-up lines, terrible music, and, worst of all, terrible cocktails. Even if you are only a consumer and drink enthusiast, you can recognise when a drink is fantastic and when it would have been better to forego the expense.

Yet you can ensure that your drinks don't ruin the occasion as you should not worry if you find yourself in a situation like this. These are five indicators you should pay attention to, as well as knowing that your barman isn't mixing your drinks correctly.

Can't Make Classic Cocktails

It's not a must for the job; however, a brilliant barman can know every cocktail recipe there encyclopedically. However, it ought to be mandatory for a barman to be able to mix the traditional drinks that patrons request from bars all around the world. Drinks like margaritas, bloody marys, Manhattans, and margaritas are well-known to both drinkers and reputable bartenders.

Lacks Knowledge About Their Field Of Expertise

It's the responsibility of a barman to know enough about the flavours of everything they sell behind the bar, especially beer and wine, just as a floor server should be able to explain the flavour of every meal a restaurant serves.

A skilled barman will know which beers most nearly resemble your favourite brand that they don't sell, which wines are full or medium-bodied, and which wines are dry or sweet. Extra points if they assist you in matching your selection to any meal you may have ordered. It is only appropriate for a bartender to provide you with a tiny sample of the wine or beer you have inquired about if they are unable to respond to these queries.

Your Bartender Is Multitasking

In addition to a certain level of ability and experience, making a wonderful drink also takes patience and focus. It would be preferable if the barman took their time making the drink and focused solely on the bar. A barman who can multitask while tending to the grill may not be the best at making drinks. Alternatively, it's possible that they lack the necessary time and energy to craft a perfect cocktail.

Your Drink Is Empty

When a customer's drink is a quarter full, not empty, it is the appropriate time to inquire whether they're ready for another one, according to barman protocol. It's not preferable for individuals to sit at a bar and stare at an empty drink.

A barman can retrieve your beverage while the customers enjoy their final few sips if they ask if they want one at the quarter-full point. It's obvious when a barman lacks expertise or training when you have to wave down a preoccupied staff member who looks shocked that you're ready for a refill.

Doesn't Follow A Proper Technique

It may be argued that the correct components combined in a glass are all that counts when crafting a cocktail. Everything will ultimately simply get jumbled up there, after all. Actually, that would be incorrect. Everything comes down to technique. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are utilising the proper method for each type of beverage.

To make sure the components within the shaker are thoroughly blended, the barman needs to shake it for at least 12 seconds. It's important that your barman shakes each drink individually so that every cocktail reaches the perfect temperature.