5 Reasons Your Kitchen Needs A Portable Electric Turbo Chopper
Image Credit: Glen India

Are you tired of crying while slicing an onion? Are you done with all the cuts and blood while chopping vegetables? You need a solution that can help you in the kitchen without possessing the hazard of wounding yourself. This is where a chopper comes into the picture, and if you have Glen’s Electric Turbo Vegetable Chopper, your work in the kitchen can be done without any hassle.

This appliance is not only budget-friendly but has interesting features that will convince you to add to your kitchen without a second thought. Featuring three stainless steel blades with six cutting edges, the electric chopper promises swift cutting of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and meat. It works on a 300 W power supply and comes with a 0.6 litre bowl. It also comes with a whisking disc that you can use to churn butter or beat eggs. 

Makes Marinades Of Meat

No matter what meat-based you are cooking, marination is the key to tenderise the meat and infuse flavours into it. Preparing marinades and ensuring there are no lumps when you mix ingredients, you can use an electric vegetable chopper. Add yoghurt, bay leaves, cumin powder, red chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, oil, salt to taste, and other ingredients to create a delicious mixture to marinate meat as well as vegetables. 

Value For Money

You need an appliance in the kitchen that has value for money. Glen’s Electric Vegetable Chopper will show you every day what an excellent investment pick it is. It is space-saving, does not put a dent in your pocket, and can be used in multiple ways. From chopping and dicing to mixing ingredients to making chutney and coarse concoctions, it is a must-have to save time, work swiftly, and make less mess in the kitchen. 

Makes Dips

If you can make a marinade mixture in the chopper, you can make dips too, especially salsa dip. Imagine making Mexican rice, burrito wrap, quesadilla, or burrito bowl, all these dishes need salsa on the side. You can quickly chop onions and tomatoes along with fresh coriander leaves to make the best tangy salsa mix. You can also serve it with crunchy chips at a party. Glen’s Electric Vegetable Chopper will take away all the effort you will put into thinly slicing the vegetables.

Rust resistance

The blades in an electric chopper are made of stainless steel, which gives you the guarantee that the metal will not react with your food and the blades will not rust. No matter what surface you use to chop your vegetables, you will notice that a chopper is cleaner than the kitchen counter or a chopping board. It also facilitates you to store vegetables and meat after you have chopped or shredded them, allowing you to keep away from allergens, dust, and dirt particles.

Makes Food Preparation Easy

Ask anyone, and they will tell you preparing a dish is more time-consuming and hectic than preparing the dish altogether. You have to chop, dice, blend, and mix while preparing a dish. Imagine the mess. But if you have an electric vegetable vhopper, you can ditch all the hassle, reduce the preparation time by half, and enjoy cooking your favourite dishes without any pain.