5 Quick and Easy Tips To Make Jam At Home

When you don’t feel like cooking or you are in a hurry, toast with a spread of jam could be your go to meal. And yes, the versatile ingredient we are talking about is Jam. Jam is much more than just being a simple spread for toast. Rather, it is a magical ingredient that can elevate the taste of any meal, be it for breakfast or dinner. From fruits to vegetables, you name a thing, and you can make jam out of it. Isn’t it great?

For every person there is a special jam out there. While some love the classic strawberry jam, some can’t get over their raspberry jam doze. There are so many jam varieties that people across the globe absolutely love. The best part is these jams are very easy to make but all you need is the right recipe and the right technique. While for fruits such as plums, oranges and apples, one just needs granulated sugar, fruits like grapes, cherries as well as strawberries may need proper jam sugar.

Video credits: Preppy kitchen/Youtube

But is there a way to make the perfect jam at home? YES! Here are 5 easy and quick tips for you! 

Using The Right Pan 

For making jams, it is advisable to use wide pans with a thicker base. This will help the jam in cooking evenly. Besides, it will also provide more area for the mixture to evaporate. One must keep stirring the jam while it is cooked so that it doesn’t stick to the surface. 

Go For Under-Ripe Fruits 

Some people believe that using squishy fruits for making jams will help but the truth is that when the fruits become over ripe, they lose acid which helps in making the perfect jam. Thus, one must go for under-ripe fruits to get the jams of their dreams.  

Go Slow On Sugar 

Some of the traditional jam recipes use sugar as well as the fruit in equal quantity but actually one can reduce the sugar part. This would help the jams in getting a vibrant flavour from the fruit and would also be a little on the healthier side.  

Cooking In Small Batches Is Beneficial 

Cooking jam in a huge quantity can effect the recipe. So, why don’t you make it in small batches? This would provide you with room for improvement and will also allow you to experiment with new as well as interesting flavours. Trust me, every single batch would be better from one another. 

Use Seasonal Fruits 

It is advisable to use seasonal fruits for the best flavours in the jam. You must keep an eye on the seasonal fruits as they have their nutrients intact and provide the right flavour. This will make your jams good, healthy and tasty. 

What say? Aren’t these tips amazing? Use them and let us know!