5 Post-Workout Meals To Make Using A Multi-Cooker
Image Credit: Glen India

Kitchen appliances that are designed with the purpose of making the process of meal-prepping easy, are always a great investment for novice cooks and working individuals – for whom time is a constant challenge. Between meetings and chores, taking the time to workout is always great; but what makes it even better is to ensure that one’s body gets the right amount of nutrients to function as well as build a strong immunity. Meals that include a great balance of proteins, carbohydrates and veggies are meant to be the ideal way to live a lifestyle that is sustainable and helps with vitality in the long run. Hence, facilitating this way of cooking and eating can be made possible with Glen’s 3 in 1 Electric Multi Cooker – with features that enable one to boil eggs, steam vegetables and even cook noodles in small portions.

Dan Dan Millet Noodles

Amplify the nutritional value of your noodle craving by swapping instant noodles with ragi or bajra ones. Cook the noodles in chicken or vegetable broth in your multi-cooker and toss when still warm in a spicy-nutty sauce of peanut butter, sriracha, minced garlic, soy sauce and a touch of vinegar. Boost its protein value with the addition of some chicken or tofu, or even make a large batch to refrigerate and enjoy as a cold lunch the next day.

Sri Lankan Egg Curry

Infused with the goodness of fresh turmeric and nutrients from coriander stems, this golden egg curry with soft-boiled eggs packs flavour like none other. The silken texture of the gravy complements the creamy, runny yolk – which pairs perfectly with steamed rice or rotis. The protein-packed curry is best enjoyed when the flavours are allowed to steep for a few hours and intensify, before it is relished after rigorous physical activity.

Avocado-Egg Open Sandwich

One of the easiest post-workout meals to enjoy when you’re short on time, mash a ripe avocado with any kind of seasonings you might prefer and slather over sourdough toast. Top off with a fried egg or two and relish a meal loaded with good fats, protein and carbs to kickstart your day. This breakfast staple also doubles up as a great brunch to enjoy with your workout buddies and is sure to make them feel welcome, in a matter of minutes.

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Multigrain Egg Wrap

Having a batch of soft-boiled eggs always comes handy in cases like this hearty and filling egg wrap. Made in a jiffy, all it takes to throw this together is to slice as many boiled eggs as you like and layer into a multigrain flatbread with some lettuce, tomatoes, a dash of hot sauce, pickled jalapenos and a healthy drizzle of low-fat thousand island dressing. Fold inwards and slice in half to either eat on-the-go or savour when you have a few minutes to yourself.

Stir Fried Asian Vegetables

Partially steam-cook vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, bell peppers and peas, so that they retain their crunch, before tossing in a light yet concentrated gravy made with soy sauce, ginger-garlic, sriracha, Hoisin and a touch of honey. Continue to stir fry the veggies of your choice until the gravy thickens and develops a glossy finish. Eat topped over a bowl of sticky rice or brown rice and enjoy this vegan, gluten-free treat that is also vibrantly colourful.