5 Hacks To Make Your Post-Workout Smoothies Taste Yummy

A whey protein smoothie is a complete meal. It is a great post workout drink to boost healthy muscle growth and recovery. One scoop of whey contains 22 to 25 gms of protein, that blended with milk and fruit into a smoothie, provide the body with the nutrient requirements necessitated by a gruelling workout. But simply having a mix of protein and milk/water can become a dull process which rather subdues the endorphin rush after a crazy exercise routine. To keep things interesting in that protein flask, here are a few handy hacks that will give the same old whey powder a good shake, making it tastier and more attractive for those who consume protein smoothies on a regular basis:

Add Seasonal Fruits 

Making a protein smoothie is a very easy process. Add one scoop of whey to a blender with milk and a few cubes of ice and blend it into a frothy frenzy. To elevate the flavour of the smoothie and throw in a few vitamins for good measure, add fresh fruits to the shake. This works well if the protein powder itself is of a fruity mix like strawberry or mango or even flavours that complement fruits, like chocolate or coffee. Make sure the produce is fresh and measure out your required portion. Some great fruits to add to protein shakes include strawberries, raspberries and bananas.

Add Chocolate Powder

Sometimes, adding a bit of chocolate powder to the protein will give it another layer of taste and texture. While chocolate flavoured protein powders are readily available in the market, adding a bit of cocoa or chocolate powder to the shake will render it a slightly more chocolate-y, bitter and sweet note while making it thicker and denser than usual. Imagine adding chocolate powder to a coffee flavoured protein for that mocha goodness! Yum!

Change The Flavour Of The Protein Powder

Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing and such is the case with drinking a protein shake of the same flavour of a long time. Switch from your rocky roads and coffees to more subtle flavours like vanilla once in a while to rustle your taste buds. Additionally, switch from sugar-free to sweeter protein powder options for an enhanced taste. Don’t worry about the calories, the protein and exercise will more than make up for a tad bit of extra sweetness.

Add Yogurt

A smoothie is actually made from curd or yogurt so go classic and add a bit of plain Greek yogurt to the protein powder before blending. The shake will be creamier and thicker compared to a milkshake or a milk-based smoothie and will also give a bit of depth to the drink. Yogurt is also a great source of probiotics and will do wonders for improving gut bacteria.

Add Nuts Or Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds make for a good mix of nutritious snacks but they also blend well with whey protein. If the smoothie has sweeter, creamier notes, add a bunch of these roasted seeds to the blender for an earthy taste that nicely balances out the sweetness. Adding cashews, almonds and walnuts to the smoothie will also give it a denser texture.