5 Popular Non-Vegetarian Dishes That Gujaratis Relish
Image Credit: Picture Courtesy: Unsplash

Though Gujarat is largely a vegetarian state owing to its widespread Jain population, non-vegetarian delicacies are also relished by some communities in the region. Yes, you can find non-veg dishes made of goat, lamb, chicken, and more in the state but not openly. Various British, Rajputs, Portuguese, and Mughals rulers influenced Gujarat’s culinary habits during their regime and introduced meat-based dishes to the state. According to the Sample Registration System Baseline Survey’s data from 2014, around 40 per cent of the Gujarati population is non-vegetarian. The data was published by the Registrar General of India.

Surprisingly, the state’s non-vegetarian eating population is more than Rajasthan, Punjab, and Haryana. Most non-vegetarian Gujaratis belong to the coastal areas of the region and Khatri and Ghanchis communities. Their food habits reflect traces of Mughal culinary influences. 

Let’s tell you about the 5 most popular non-vegetarian dishes eaten by Gujaratis. 

Mutton Nu Shaak

This is basically a mutton curry dish that’s a significant part of Kathiwadi cuisine. You need a male goat, an earthen pot, and a few spices to make mutton nu shaak. It is cooked slowly till the mutton becomes brown. Here is its recipe.

Chaap Ne Bataka Roast

This non-vegetarian dish is a part of Gujarat’s Kshatriya cuisine. Chaap ne bataka roast is basically roasted lamb chops. It is marinated with different spices and then roasted over potato wedges. You can serve the dish with roti or bread. Click on the link below to know its recipe.

Patra Ni Machhi

Patra ni machhi is usually served during weddings and special occasions. People from the Parsi community love having patra ni maach which is made using sea bass fish or pomfret. Click on the link below to know its recipe.

Gharab Nu Achaar

This seafood dish is made by coating fish roe with achaar kind of paste. The paste is made of green chillies, vinegar, and pickle spices. If you like spicy and tangy food, gharab nu achaar is a must-have. 


You will find bhugo majorly in the Kutch region of Gujarat. This dry non-vegetarian dish is made with a type of small bird called partridge.