5 One-Pot Indian Recipes Using An Infrared Cooktop

Indian cuisine is all about savoury and aromatic dishes made with a blend of spices. Be it something as simple as khichdi or an elaborate serving of biryani, Indian recipes offer something for everyone and for every occasion. The best part is you can make some of the most finger-licking dishes with just one pot and avoid the hassle of using multiple pans and utensils.

If you are looking to quickly whip up a nutritious dinner, you can rely on the infrared cooktops that give you an edge over the traditional gas stoves. To achieve even heat distribution and faster cooking, you can count on Glen’s Infrared Cooktop. The 2000 W cooktop comes with an extra wide cooking surface with three preset settings to give you all the controls and help you enjoy the cooking process. The digital display allows you to quickly switch from 60°C to 300°C, making it a perfect option for all sorts of dishes. Here are some of the best one-pot Indian recipes that you must try on your cooktop.


Khichdi is a staple Indian dish that is known for its light profile, nutrition, and ease of preparation. If you feel uneasy or just need something light but flavourful, you can make yourself authentic Indian khichdi with rice, moong dal (lentils), ghee, and a mix of spices. Within 15-20 minutes of simmering on Glen’s infrared cooktop.

Chana Masala

Chana masala is a classic Punjabi dish that is made with soaked chickpeas. All you need to do is prepare a savoury masala with chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger garlic paste, and spices like cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder, chilli powder, and garam masala. Once the masala is fragrant, you can add the soaked chickpeas and let it simmer till the chickpeas absorb all the flavours. You can then serve it with freshly prepared roti or rice.


Pulao is a vegetarian’s go-to comfort food that can be made within half an hour. To make this one-pot Indian dish, you can rinse and soak rice. In the meantime, you can saute onions with cumin seeds and your favourite spices. Then, you can add vegetables like peas, carrots, cauliflower, etc, along with the soaked rice and water. In about fifteen minutes, your pulao will be ready to savour.

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer butter masala is another comfort food for many Indians. With the help of Glen’s cooktop, you can make the one-pot dish even faster by preparing a masala with a mix of spices, chopped onions, and tomato puree. Then add paneer cubes, butter or cream in the pot and stir well. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves, and your aromatic one-pot dish will be ready to enjoy.


Rajma is not just a dish. It is a feeling that automatically makes you remember “home”. To have a comforting feel, you can make rajma at home with soaked kidney beans and gravy made with pureed tomatoes and onions, spices like salt, coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and garam masala. Once the gravy is ready, you can toss in soaked rajma and let it simmer till your kitchen is filled with aroma. You can then relish it with rice, roti, or naan.