5 Luxurious Gift Ideas Beyond Baking Tools For Home Bakers

If you have a friend who often invests time into baking your favourite delights before arriving at your house party, it is about time that you think about presenting them with a thoughtful gift. One of the easiest ways to narrow down a gift for home bakers is to ask them what they would like to add to their pantry. Another way is to surf through Amazon, Flipkart and other shopping websites selling baking tools and order one for them.

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However, if you have spent any time talking to your friend about their passion for baking, you must know about a few high-quality ingredients that make their baked goods taste exemplary. These luxe products are hard to get your hands on, but if you give these to your friend, they will know how much you value them and their friendship. Here are a few ideas you must take note of.

Set Of Flavoured Vinegar

There are different types of vinegar used for baking, each with a distinct flavour palate, odour, and taste. The ingredient is especially used in vegan and vegetarian baking recipes to help the dough rise. It reacts with baking soda, and that’s how plant-based goods are soft, flaky, crispy, and delicious. You can get a set of vinegar bottles that can be used to make fruit tarts, muffins, glazed cakes, and other baked items. Champagne and wine vinegar are the perfect choice if your friend is a seasoned baker.

Vanilla Extract

If you visit any supermarket, you can easily find vanilla extract, however, it is hard to get your hands on a high-quality variant of this ingredient. It enhances the flavours of the dish and adds aroma and subtle sweet notes. If you add high-quality extract, it can make the baked items taste utterly delicious. The premium quality vanilla extract is made from Madagascar Bourbon or real vanilla beans. Get a bottle for your friend, and you will love their creations even more.

Artisanal Sugars

Handcrafted sugar enhances the flavours and texture of the dessert. Made using traditional techniques and a specific variety of sugar canes, the premium quality sugars boast unique characteristics. It has deeper flavours and is produced in small batches. Not only are they better alternatives to regular processed sugar but also considered best for baking goods like waffles, brownies, and other delights.

Edible Flowers

To make desserts look pretty, edible flowers are the best picks. They make a simple sweet dish appear elegant and elaborate. You can buy a packet of edible flowers for your home baker friend, and they will thank you with a stunning-looking dessert. You must make sure that these flowers are clean, organic, and have been harvested recently. You can add them to a gift basket along with honey, sugar, and other baking essentials.

Quality Chocolates

Chocolate desserts are among the prominent choices for dessert. You can select from premium quality chocolate bars and present them as a gift to your home baker friend. You can use a gift basket and add high-quality chocolate bars, cocoa powder, chocolate chips, chocolate glaze, and chocolate syrup. They enhance the notes and flavours of baked goods like muffins, puddings, and truffles.