5 Lesser-Known Ways Fish Is Prepared In Bengal
Image Credit: orangewayfarer.com

Bengalis and fish are synonymous. The large number of rivers and water bodies in West Bengal and Bangladesh has provided a horde of fish and fish related recipes that sticking to the generic maach er jhol and maach er chocchori or tarkari doesn’t do justice to the various other preparations of fish that have been innovated and perfected and handed down over generations. Here we have listed 5 lesser-known preparations of fish that might interest your taste buds and break you out of your monotony of having fish prepared one or two ways.

1. Maach er Bhorta or Maach Makha: 

Image Credits: m.hoophaap.com


A sweet-sour-tangy curry fit for summertime, maach er tok or maach er ambol involves the use of raw mangoes and tamarind to create a semi-dry curry that’ll be lip smacking and ethereal for your taste buds. Usually made with mourola maach or Mola Carplet fish which is a tiny sweet water fish found in the lakes, ponds and backwaters of Bengal, the recipe pairs very well with plain white rice at the end of a meal.