4 Fish Delicious Fish Biryani Recipes You Just Can’t Miss
Image Credit: Fish biryani Image: Freepik

Biryani is an evergreen delicacy that never fails to impress the taste buds of Indians. And not just Indians, biryani has made a mark on the palate of people from across the world. It's aromatic, heavenly and one of the most loved delicacies - be it at a party or at home for a comfort meal. While it is believed that Mughals were the first to introduce biryani in North India, South India was exposed to its brilliance through the Arabs. The one-pot rice dish flourished across the country - including Lucknow, old Delhi and Hyderabad, to name a few - after which it was gradually embraced by all.  

The best part is that biryani comes in many varieties. For instance, chicken biryani, mutton biryani, veg biryani, paneer biryani and more. Each variety is unique to every region. While all these biryanis are classic and loved by all, if you are looking for a change, we have fish biryani recipes right here to satisfy your biryani cravings. 

Unique and flavourful, be it fish biryanis from Malabar or Hyderabadi fish biryani, these recipes are sure to get you drooling with their extraordinary taste and texture. Instead of chicken and mutton pieces, rice is mixed with soft and succulent fish chunks, and cooked with a host of whole spices.  

1. Hyderabadi Fish Biryani 

A flavorful mix of rice, spices and fish, this fish biryani is perfect if you are a fan of Hyderabadi biryani. The addition of kewra essence, saffron and chunks of cashews make it a rich and indulgent affair. 

2. Illish Macher Biryani 

This Bengali-style biryani cooked in rich yoghurt and coconut milk gravy, and flavoured with kewra water is the ultimate indulgence for your next biryani craving.  

3. Fish Biryani With Salmon 

Basmati rice with salmon, tomatoes, coconut milk and whole spices make for an ultimate biryani that is sure to leave you hooked. 

4. Egg Fish Biryani 

Fish fillets and eggs are an ultimate combo and this biryani is proof of that. Flavourful, quick and irresistibly delicious.