5 Interesting Ways To Spice Up Your Lassi

When it is scorching heat outside, there could be nothing better than a glass full of chilled lassi. Made with a base of curd, lassi is one of the most relaxing and refreshing drinks. With time, the charm of this desi summer cooler has gone beyond Punjab and loved all across the country. We must appreciate how versatile this humble drink is. Have it sweet or savoury, you will never get disappointed. And you know what? Lassi is power packed with so many health benefits too. 

Because of being made up with curd, lassi can promote better digestion and can prevent issues like constipation and bloating. It is also good for gut health. Because of calcium, consumption of lassi also strengthens bones and is good for dental health. Besides, it has cooling and hydrating properties. Because of the vitamins present in it, it can help in boosting immunity. Isn’t it amazing? Since we have talked about lassi so much, let us know about 5 interesting ways to spice up this summer cooler. 

Add Mango 

Summer is the season of mangoes. From drinks to dishes to desserts, this versatility could be added to anything. So, why don’t you add it to lassi? With the goodness of mangoes and creaminess of lassi, this drink will become the drink of your dreams. It is soothing as well as delicious. 

Video credits: Kabita's Kitchen/Youtube

Add Mint 

Mint is known for its cooling properties and so is the lassi. Why don’t we mix them together? To make minty lassi, you need to add some mint leaves to the lassi along with some spices like cumin powder and black salt. This lassi will freshen you up and will relax your body and mind. 

Add Saffron and Honey 

We all have had lassi with added sugar, but did you ever get a chance to try lassi with honey? If not, this is your chance. This lassi cooling, refreshing and relaxing. With the added goodness of saffron, it becomes royal, more nutritious and something worth a try. 

Add Dry Fruits 

If you want to make your lassi ‘shahi’, add some dry fruits to it. Enriched with the goodness of saffron, this lassi is thick, creamy and heavy. A glass full of dry fruit lassi will leave you filled and satisfied. One can add almonds, cashews and also pistachios to the lassi. 

Add Cardamom 

Lassi is already so satisfying and amazing that we just can’t describe it in words. But you can elevate the flavour of your regular lassi a notch higher by adding a pinch of cardamom to it. With the goodness of cardamom, this lassi becomes soothing, delicious and healthier. Have you tried cardamom lassi before? 

Try experimenting with the flavours of your lassi and let us know which one you liked the most!