If you’re a food connoisseur, chances are, you have dug into a sumptuous Tandoori chicken or Chicken Tikka at least once in your life. But not just meat dishes, Punjabi cuisine is also known for its wide array of rich and spicy vegetable dishes. Chhole-Bhature, Gobi Paratha, Amritsari Fish, and Kunna Gosht are a few of the countless delicious dishes that the cuisine has on offer. 

As a state, it's also one of the highest consumers of dairy products, with milk, yogurt, ghee, and paneer featuring in one form or another in their staple diet. Many families still use traditional methods to churn ghee and butter at home. As a matter of fact, many of the cultivation methods implemented by farmers in Punjab have been prevalent ever since the Indus Valley Civilization. 

So if you are itching for more trivia on the cuisine, take this quiz.

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