A tall glass of lassi has the potential to cool the insides and cure an aching stomach. Gone are the days when lassi could be classified only as either sweet or salty. While mango and rose are beloved lassi flavours, the drink can also be made with other fruits and condiments. We list some unusual lassi flavours for you to try: 

Avocado lassi

Made with fresh avocados, yogurt, honey and a bit of lime juice, avocado lassi is a desi take on avocado smoothies. As you blend all the ingredients, add some pistachio ice cream to the mix for extra sweetness and flavour. It contributes to the taste without taking away from the green colour that the avocado gives the drink.

Ginger and pineapple lassi

Ginger and pineapple have complementary flavours and go well with each other. Blend some pineapple chunks, ginger juice and honey with yogurt to make ginger and pineapple lassi. You may spice this flavoured lassi with cardamom powder, which will give it a slightly more aromatic quality. Read more about other fruit-flavoured lassis.

Caramel lassi

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While caramel is often used in the preparation of different types of coffees, its use in lassi is mostly unheard of. Add caramel to your lassi for a dessert-like drink that won’t need any sweeteners. Garnish your caramel lassi with nuts like almonds, cashews and walnuts to give it some variation in texture.

Beetroot and masala lassi

If beetroot raita can be found on restaurant menus, there’s no reason you can’t make beetroot lassi in your kitchen. Blend chunks of beetroot, yogurt and some chaat masala together to create this delicately sweet and slightly spicy drink. Its deep red colour looks very appetising so serve it to guests as a welcome drink.

Papaya lassi

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Papaya lassi may not be as popular as mango lassi, but it’s still tasty nonetheless and has the goodness of papaya and yogurt, both of which are good for the stomach. Papaya also works wonders for the skin so papaya lassi makes a good breakfast drink for those who are health conscious. Add some honey to it as a sweetener. 

Chutney lassi

Green chutney made with fresh coriander and mint is indispensable on an Indian lunch or dinner table. Spicy green chutney can easily be morphed into a spicy lassi, which is minty and flavoursome. All it takes is blending a few spoons of chutney with some yogurt, to result in a tasty accompaniment to your meals.