5 Homemade Drinks To Help Reduce Bloating
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Bloating is the feeling of discomfort that we often experience after consuming meals or sometimes even drinking our favourite beverages. Other than the undesirable visual aspect of bloating, it also produces a feeling of discomfort in the body when a person is not able to sit or stand without pain. It can also adversely affect the digestive system and lead to severe stomach aches. Here are some homemade drinks that will help you reduce bloating easily at home. These drinks will also help in improving your overall digestive health.

* Fennel Seed Tea

Fennel Seeds are commonly available in Indian households and used in a lot of dishes. Fennel seeds have great digestive properties and can help stomach aches or bloating-related problems instantly. To make this tea, you just have to simply brew some fennel seeds and green tea together. Sipping on this tea after completing your meal can help you in reducing bloating. Fennel seeds also have carminative and anti-inflammatory properties. It is scientifically proven to help treat flatulence naturally. This simple recipe requires you to boil some water along with fennel seeds. You can then also add some green tea and strain the drink to enjoy it after your meal.

* Peppermint Tea

Drinking peppermint tea along with honey is the perfect way to relax your muscles in the gastrointestinal tract. It can help in relieving bloating as well as gas. You can make a cup of this peppermint tea by steeping fresh or dried peppermint leaves in hot water. Adding honey to the tea can boost the taste of the tea and also improve its efficiency in curing your bloating. Peppermint has healing and laxative properties that can help treat any bloating-related problem. This is a very soothing and relaxing tea that will also help you calm down. 

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* Lemon And Ginger Tea

To prepare this drink, you have to mix fresh lemon juice along with grated ginger in a glass of warm water. Lemon is proven to have digestive properties that stimulate the breakdown of food in the body. Ginger on the other hand has anti-inflammatory benefits and can help in curing any kind of stomach ache that may arise because of bloating. This drink helps in reducing bloating and also promotes the overall digestive health of the body. Drinking this warm brew is always very beneficial for the body, especially in winter

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* Cucumber And Mint Water

To make this drink, all you have to do is cut small slices of cucumber and put some fresh mint leaves in lukewarm water. Now add a pinch of cinnamon to the water and mix everything well. Drinking this mint and cucumber water can help ease the bloating as cucumbers have natural diuretic properties and can help reduce water retention in the body. You can also choose to refrigerate it and then drink it as some people do not like having warm drinks. Just make sure that it's not too cold as you might not get the benefit of the drink.

* Ginger Tea

Ginger also has anti-inflammatory properties which can help in relaxing the digestive tract. The easiest way to make ginger tea is to grate some fresh ginger slices in hot water. You can then squeeze a lemon and a teaspoon of honey. This not only just helps in reducing bloating, but also improves the overall metabolic system of the body. Having it after all your meals can do wonders for your body. Ginger tea also improves the immunity of the body and protects you from any kind of unwanted diseases. Honey helps in improving the taste of the drink and also has antibacterial properties.

These are some of the easiest homemade drinks that you can make to avoid any kind of bloating or stomach-related issues. It is important to note that changes in your diet are also very important to avoid bloating. Try to eat food that has less sodium content as it can be a major reason why you experience frequent bloating. Also, try to inculcate lifestyle changes like exercising regularly and eliminating junk food to experience the best results.