5 Healthy And Irresistible Beetroot Tikki Recipes To Try
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Beetroot is truly a wonder vegetable, as it consists of magnesium , potassium, iron, vitamin C, and many other important nutrients. It is not just good for the body and digestive system but also has great effects on the quality of skin and hair. The best part about beetroots is that they're low in calories.

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Now, a lot of people might think that since beetroot is a healthy vegetable, it is almost impossible to make tempting and delicious food out of it. This might be true in the case of other healthy vegetables, but not in the case of beetroots. Beetroots can be used in multiple ways to make different types of dishes, especially tikkis. These tikki or cutlets, can be consumed at any time of the day and make for a great pre-workout or post-workout snack as well. Here are some delicious beetroot cutlet recipes that one can try making at home.

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* Quinoa-Beetroot Tikki

Vegetable beetroot tikki is a mixture of different types of vegetables and can be considered a great superfood. One can use vegetables like spinach and potatoes, along with quinoa and khus khus, to make this extremely delicious and fibrous cutlet. For the preparation, one will have to boil the potatoes and soak the quinoa and khus khus. All of these vegetables have to be grated and mixed with soaked quinoa and khus khus. 

Remember to always lightly season the cutlet with spices like cumin seed powder, salt, pepper, and any other spice of one's choice. The mixture of all these ingredients has to be rolled and then flattened to form tikkis. This can be fried on the top of a pan with a little bit of olive oil and served with some green chutney. 

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* Beetroot Tikki

This is probably the easiest beetroot tikki recipe that one can find. It simply consists of some boiled, mashed potatoes and grated beetroot. The mashed potatoes help bind the cutlet together and also add the necessary carbohydrates to the dish. In this mixture, one can add chilli powder, cumin powder, garam masala, coriander powder, and some salt. After mixing these two vegetables, they have to be rolled and flattened to form a tikki. Now that the tikki has been prepared, one can choose to either air fry it or pan fry it using minimal oil. This simple tikki can be served with some tamarind sauce on the side.

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* Tofu-Beetroot Tikkis

Tofu-beetroot tikki is the perfect snack for vegans who want to have a high-protein and fibrous meal that is also delicious. To make the tikki, one has to make a mixture of spices, like cumin seed powder, garam masala, black pepper, salt, and some red chilli. Simultaneously, one can make a mixture of mashed tofu and beetroot. These tikkis also have the taste of cashews that are first roasted in a pan and then cut into fine pieces. If one wants, then you can also add some roasted oats to the external layer of the tikkis for that extra crunch. One can simply pan-fry it by using a little bit of olive oil. 

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* Kebab-Style Beetroot Tikki

Beetroot kebab-style tikki is also an extremely appetising snack that is going to be loved by everyone and doesn't taste like something that's meant to be healthy. This delectable recipe is made by making a beetroot tikki in the style of a kebab. You will need some grated beetroot, paneer, and potato mixture that has to be mixed by infusing Indian spices. To infuse an even better flavour, you can add a lot of Kashmiri lal chilly powder and a little bit of melted butter and garlic. The tikkis have to be covered with some crushed oat powder or bread crumbs and then pan-fried or air-fried.

* Beetroot-Sabudana Tikki

Beetroot-sabudana tikki is also an extremely appetising dish that can be consumed even during fasts when one is not allowed to eat regular grains. It is made by taking soaked sabudana and then mixing it with some grated beetroot. One can add some simple spices, like salt, red chilli powder, and a little bit of garam masala, to give it a nice touch of spice. On top, one can cover it with some khus khus or just directly pan-fry it.