5 Fruit Salads You Need To Add To Your Summer Menu
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

The summer season is here in full swing and as the temperatures continue to soar, our only escape is to cool off our body with some refreshing diet. Food is, perhaps, the best way to fight the unforgiving heat. And one of the first food options that come to our mind during summers are the fresh cold juices and salads over indulgent and delicious curries and desserts. The summer season gives us a whole variety of fresh produce when it comes to fruits, making the hot season a perfect time of the year to try our hands at some fresh, light and yummy salads.  

The mention of salads might make some of us think of bland meals. If so, you can’t be more wrong. Salads are a great option on a bright, summery day and fruit salads can be extremely delicious if made in a specific way. Think of a range of colourful fruits, chopped and topped with a drizzle of olive oil and lime juice, vinaigrette and so on. And if you are in to make your summer diet vibrant, colourful, healthy and absolutely delicious, we are here with some yummy fruit salad recipes to begin with. 

1. Cucumber Melon Salad

Just some handful of ingredients - melon, cucumber, sugar, lemon, pepper and oil - tossed in together makes for a pleasant and light salad that is perfect for your mid-day binge. Musk melon can be a great choice, loaded with antioxidants, immunity-boosting Vitamin A and C, it is just perfect for summer binge.


2. Watermelon Salad

One of my absolute favourites for summers is watermelon. And this salad is perfect to beat the heat. Not only is it loaded with healthy properties, but it is also super delicious. Picture some feta cheese crumbles, tarty blueberries and lemon tossed over cubed watermelon. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?  


3. Apple, Pomegranate And Pecan Salad 

A hearty salad loaded with the properties of pomegranate, apple, baby spinach and candied pecans, this one has a burst of flavours. Sweetness of honey, tangy balsamic vinegar, pepper and dijon mustard lends a flavour you won’t be able to resist. Wholesome, delicious, quick and super easy. 


4. Mango Salad 

It might be called mango salad but this one is loaded with berries like blueberry and strawberries, along with mango, lettuce and micro greens. Flavoured with mango yoghurt, orange juice and honey along with crunchy almonds, this mango salad is too good to miss. 


5. Mixed Fruit Salad 

A salad you won’t be able to resist sharing a glimpse of on Instagram, a mix of berries, apples, bananas, grapes, orange and pineapple, this mixed fruit salad is both pretty and tasty. Goodness of all the fruits you can get your hands on along with sweetness of maple syrup, vanilla essence and a subtle tang of lime, you can top this salad with mint leaves, nuts and sesame seeds as well. 


Aren’t these all a perfect fit for the summer season? Tell us which salad you will try first. Do share your experience with us.