5 Frozen-Inspired Desserts For Fans Of Disney Princesses

‘Let it go, let it go..,’ the moment you hear the chorus, you can instantly imagine Elsa singing and dancing amid the snow. For every fan of Disney princesses, this movie was a breakthrough as its storyline was different from the age-old ones where princesses would rather wait for Prince Charming to be happy. In this, the princesses took charge behind the wheels to change the direction of their lives.

Video Credit: Cake By Courtney/ YouTube

Frozen is the perfect theme for your child’s birthday party, especially in this hot weather. You can easily find theme-appropriate decorations on any e-commerce website and take inspiration from the animated film to make tempting desserts. Here are a few ideas you can work on.

White Chocolate Fudge

Keeping the snow-white theme in mind, white chocolate fudges are among the easiest options to consider. You will need condensed milk, white chocolate, vanilla extract, and blue edible colours. After melting the chocolate, mix it with condensed milk, add food colouring, spread it around using a toothpick, and pour the mixture into small cupcake moulds. After freezing, you can serve white chocolate fudge along with refreshing beverages.

Frozen Cake

To make a frozen cake, you will need only blue food colouring. After baking the cake in white and blue colours, you can stack them over one another. Generously cover the cake with white frosting and decorate it with edible pearls and snowflakes made with fondant. You can also create stunning flowers and designs using blue and white frostings to make the cake more appealing. Add Elsa and Anna cut-outs on the top to complete the decoration.

Snowflake Cupcakes

Bake blue and white-coloured cupcakes to match the theme of the party. Decorate the cupcakes with white and blue frostings. Top the frostings with edible pearls, snowflakes, white and blue candies, white chocolate chips, and more. Refrigerate the cupcakes before serving and in no time, you will run out of them. This is the easiest dessert preparation you can opt for if you finalise the theme at the last moment.

Olaf’s Mousse

Olaf is one of the cutest animated characters brought to life in a Disney movie. The walking-talking snowman with a carrot as its nose is adored by children a lot. You can make an all-white mousse inspired by it. Use milk and white chocolate to make the mousse. While adding it to glasses, top it with orange zest or a carrot-shaped nose made by using fondant. Every bite of this dessert will leave children as well as adults in gastronomic heaven.

Frozen Cookies

You won’t literally freeze cookies, but the idea is to depict the theme of Frozen using creative ideas for decoration. Make chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies, or any other cookies of your choice, and allow them to cool down a bit before you start decorating. Use white icing to cover the surface of cookies and make Frozen-themed elements like snowflakes, Olaf, castle, etc. You can also add edible blue and silver sparkles to the dessert.