5 Easy And Tasty Potato Dishes You Can Prepare For Dinner
Image Credit: Shutterstock

It is difficult to imagine an Indian kitchen without potatoes. From sabzi and curries to biryani and more, the beloved ‘aloo’ finds its way into every dish, through the day. On your breakfast table, it satiates you in the form of aloo paratha and for dinner, it can be used for making equally delightful dishes. 

Seriously, there is no end to the dishes you can prepare using potatoes. They are so versatile that they sit well in all kinds of preparations, be it Indian or continental. But we have to admit that we do have a certain bias for the Indian dishes you can make using potatoes, simply because most of them are so easy, they hardly feel like an effort. Here are a few, Indian vegetarian meals you can prepare with your humble potato. 

Bombay Aloo

A delicious dish made using baby potatoes and a tantalising masala, Bombay aloo can be a lovely starter or a snack too. But we truly love how it completes a simple meal of dal and chawal. The masala made with hing, coriander, and green chillies make the dish all things eclectic.  

Sweet Potato Dosa

Team dosa for dinner, where are you at? Dosa is an Indian crepe often made with rice flour and filled with potatoes. In this delish dosa, potatoes are replaced with sweet potatoes, making it even healthier. This crispy dosa is a hit among kids and grown-ups, alike.

Bhapa Aloo

Bhapa in Bengali means steamed in Bengali. Despite bare minimum ingredients, the dish makes an impression with its comforting flavours. Mustard seeds, green chillies, and coconut are ground together into a paste, before the paste is rubbed on the potatoes. The potatoes are then steamed in banana leaves.

Tamatri Baingan Aloo

The goodness of tomatoes, brinjal, and potatoes come together for this sensational sabzi. It is a dry dish, the tanginess of tomato complements the mushy brinjal. The robust homely flavour of the dish is just incredible. Pair it with roti and dal and you are good to go. 

Jeera Aloo

Satvik, simple and everybody’s favourite. Boiled potatoes tossed with cumin seeds and green chillies. This jeera aloo is a vrat favourite, light on tummy and high on flavours. Try this recipe with simple dal and chawal for a wholesome experience.