5 Desserts Inspired By Popular Hollywood Action Films
Image Credit: Marvel Entertainment/ Instagram

Be it Marvel Movies or the entire series of Fast & Furious, these films are the epitome when it comes to action scenes. High-quality visual effects used in these movies make them larger than life. Whether you see Bruce Banner transitioning into The Hulk or eggs hatching in any of the Jurassic Park films, you almost believe that a world like that is possible, or it must exist somewhere in the parallel universe.

Video Credit: Natasha's Recipe

If you are a fan of American action films and looking for dessert ideas for your next theme part, this is the right page. It does not matter if you are organising a party for your friends or children, the following sweet dishes will definitely be a hit and centre of attraction. Note these recommendations to offer an unforgettable dining experience.

The Matrix Cake

If you have seen Matrix, you remember the black screen with green codes. The visual effects in the sci-fi movie were top-notch. You can create a cake depicting similar patterns. Make two separate concoctions - one with vanilla flavour, and the other with chocolate. Pour some vanilla-flavoured batter into the cake mould and randomly pour chocolate batter on top of it. Use a toothpick or chopstick to create patterns. Layer the two mixtures a couple of times to ensure that when you bake it, the insides display a unique pattern.

Kung Fu Panda Tartlets

Kung Fu Panda is an animated action adapted into multiple languages. From children to adults, it enjoys a fan base of people from all walks of life. Inspired by the Kung Fu Panda’s love for food, you can make tartlets. This dish allows you to introduce a variety of flavours in the crust, filling, and toppings. Start with preparing slightly savoury crusts. To compliment them, prepare a delicious but creamy filling infused with a couple of Indian spices. Top it with fresh seasonal fruits before chilling. 

Iron Man Pastry

Though red seems like a prominent colour in costumes and weapons of Marvel superheroes, nobody used it as much as Iron Man. Not only the iron-clad suit but also Spider-Man’s costume has the same colour. If he was your favourite character in the film, you can make red velvet pastries inspired by him. You can add layers of cream cheese or any other frosting of your choice. If you can get your hands on Iron Man’s cake decoration elements, add them on the top to grab all the eyeballs in the party.

Jurassic Park-Inspired Cake Pops

Nobody who has ever watched Jurassic Park can ever forget the giant eggs hatching and little dinosaurs coming out of them. If you are a seasoned baker or want to put your baking skills to the test, make egg cake pops. You can also bake a cake and decorate it along the themes of Jurassic Park. Add little chocolate eggs on top with edible dinosaur figurines. If you add this to the menu of a children’s party, the egg decoration will definitely be a hit.

Fast & Furious Energy Bars

The Fast & Furious franchise is loved by car enthusiasts a lot. From flying automobiles to vehicles that can get from one end of the city to another in just a few seconds make for a thrilling experience in theatres. Inspired by the film, you can make energy bars that instantly fuel your body with energy. These delights can be shaped like a doughnut or chocolate bar, making them an excellent dessert option for a party.