5 Delicious Halwas To Make Using Vegetables
Image Credit: Unsplash

Halwa has a long history in our Indian cuisine. This rich treat is frequently the dessert of choice at the end of any extravagant buffet. In fact, every great wedding buffet includes a selection of halwas for dessert. Our taste sensibilities are piqued by the halwa's thick and creamy texture. Sooji ka halwa, atte ka halwa, and moong dal halwa get us salivating just thinking about them. Our fondness for this dish knows no bounds, and we Indians have turned practically everything into halwa. Still not convinced? We discovered five amazing vegetable-based halwa recipes. Yes, you read that correctly. To prepare flavorful halwas, vegetables such as potato, beetroot, lauki, and others are used.

1. Gajar Halwa

'Gajar ka Halwa,' one of the most popular Indian desserts, is said to have originated in Punjab. During the winter, it is a delectable treat. Make this delectable dessert for special occasions. Gajar Ka Halwa ingredients are grated carrots, milk, sugar, and almonds combined and boiled. This is a terrific alternative for satisfying those post-meal dessert cravings because it contains a lot of almonds. Check out 20-minute Gajar Halwa here.

2. Lauki Halwa

If you don't like lauki (bottle gourd), this halwa will undoubtedly change your opinion. Grated lauki is roasted with ghee, dry fruits, and sugar to create this delectable halwa that melts on your tongue. This halwa's texture and flavour will wow your taste senses. Here's the recipe for Lauki Halwa.

3. Matar Halwa

Matar (green peas) halwa may sound unattractive, but the end result is rich and creamy. Steamed peas are crushed into a thick pulp before being sautéed in sugar and ghee. To make this flavorful halwa creamier, khoya is also used. Check out this simple recipe for Matar Halwa.

4. Beetroot Halwa

Another vegetable-based halwa, this beetroot halwa looks and tastes decadent. To make it creamy and luscious, grated beetroot is cooked in milk, khoya, and sugar. Beetroot halwa combines the health benefits of the vegetable with sumptuous flavours like cardamom and nutty walnuts, almonds and cashews. Here's the recipe.

5. Aloo Halwa

When you think of aloo halwa, you probably wonder how potatoes can be transformed into this popular dessert. To make a smooth and creamy texture, boil potatoes, mash them, and fry them with dry fruits, sugar, and milk. It is a traditional and delectable delicacy from Uttar Pradesh that is typically prepared during the Navratri festival. Here's the recipe.