5 Delicious Desserts You Can Make With A Milk Chocolate Bar

A smooth milk chocolate bar is a delight to devour for children and adults. Though most people consume these chocolates as they are available in the market, seasoned and home bakers can use them creatively in their kitchens. It is a readily available ingredient at your disposal to bake delicious desserts and add to the menu of your next party. 

Video Credit: Nyana's Delight/ YouTube

It is easier to work with milk chocolate, and you won’t have to worry about adding extra sugar because the bar already has enough sweeteners in it. The hero ingredient can be used in a variety of ways to bake desserts that make you the star of a gathering. This experiment with a milk chocolate bar is a good idea for people who are embarking on a journey to be a home baker.

Chocolate Ganache Tart

When you are starting out, it is more important to ace the recipe for a tart, which should be soft and crispy. Using a milk chocolate bar, you can prepare a smooth and dip-worthy filling to load up the tart shells. To make them Instagram-worthy, you can top each tart with a different slice of fruit and freeze. This dessert appears sophisticated and will create less of a mess around the house when guests arrive at your party.

Chocolate Parfait

When you have no time to bake a dessert from scratch, parfait is the most convenient option. While you leave the chocolate bar to melt on a double broiler, you can work on beating the cream cheese with sugar and milk. Once you have soft peaks, you can layer the whipped cream with melted chocolate. For a crunch, you can add fresh nuts or top it all with season berries. This decadent can easily be arranged on the counter and will become the centre of attraction.

S’mores Dip

Instead of purchasing a chocolate dip from a grocery store, use the milk chocolate bar that is already in your pantry. You can use an oven-safe dish to melt the chocolate into a silky smooth paste. Add some marshmallows to the bowl and broil them until they turn golden brown and bubbly. Arrange crackers around the bowl and serve it to your guests. It is an excellent sweet snack when you have your friends over for a sport-themed gathering.

Chocolate Bark

This particular delicacy is not a new dessert but kind of like adding new elements to an old-fashioned delicacy. For this, you will need to melt a large number of milk chocolate bars. Once you have achieved the runny consistency of the chocolate, spread it evenly on a baking tray. Add colourful sprinkles, dried fruits, crushed nuts, and broken cookies. Freeze the tray, and later, break it into smaller bars. After a heavy meal, you can serve it as a delightful dessert on the dining table.

Chocolate Cheesecake

Start by combining melted butter and chocolate cookie crumbs. Once you are happy with the mixture, add it to the base of the cake pan. In one bowl, beat cream cheese with vanilla extract and powdered sugar, while in another, whip the heavy cream until you see soft peaks. Add the cream cheese and whipped cream to the cake pan, and top it with your favourite milk chocolate bar. Refrigerate the layers for 4-5 hours at least, and serve right before you are ready to dig into them.