5 Delectable Kulfi Recipes For Summers

We are finally at the end of March and we know that it's time for us to welcome summer. The scorching days are almost here and it’s time for us to prep ourselves to cope with them. One of the trusted ways to deal with summer is to dig into frozen desserts. And when we talk about frozen desserts, our Indian mind goes straight into the ally of kulfis. Delicious, flavourful and chilled, kulfis are perfect to beat the heat during summers and there’s no denying the same. As summers are almost here, we have five delicious kulfi recipes in store for you.

1. Kesar Pista Kulfi

The crunch of pistas and yellow hue from the kesar is perfect to excite anyone for one bite of this kulfi. Quite aromatic and scrumptious, kesar pista kulfi is one of the perfect things to jazz up your summer menu. So, why wait? Dig into your pantries and get cooking.

2. Rose Kulfi

Rose-flavoured delights are always a favourite due to their flavour and aroma. And what’s better than rose kulfi to relish this summer? This rose kulfi is fragrant, decadent and perfect to treat yourself on a hot and humid summer day.

3. Malai Kulfi

One of the fondest childhood memories of most Indian kids is sneaking some coins from home and buying malai kulfi from thelas to deal with the summer days. The moreish and flavourful malai kulfi is still a favourite of most Indians for all the right reasons. So, go down memory lane this summer and try this malai kulfi.

4. Badam Kulfi

Enriched with the goodness of almonds, badam kulfi is one of the best things to savour this summer. The kulfi is delicious, has a unique texture from the almonds and is all things drool-worthy. Start loading up your fridge with almonds and prepping for this kulfi now.

5. Mango Kulfi

What’s better than ending this list with a kulfi made with the season’s best? Mangoes are undoubtedly the best thing about summers and mango lovers are always ready to incorporate mangoes into their daily diets. And how about relishing a chilled and delicious mango kulfi to beat the heat this summer? Aromatic, delicious and flavourful, this mango kulfi is a must-add to your summer bucket list this year. So, what are you waiting for? Start making these kulfis now.