5 Custard Types You Cannot Miss This Summer
Image Credit: Unsplash

During summer, it is only natural for the body to crave something cool to beat the heat. While you might already be having ice creams, kulfis, faloodas, etc, a bowl of chilled custard can also be a great summer dessert option. The custard is not just extremely tasty; it is also super easy to make and does not require you to bust in the kitchen for hours.

While you can dive right into a chilled bowl of custard, you can also use it as a savoury filling for many other desserts like cakes, truffles, pies, puddings, etc. Since you can make custard with basic kitchen ingredients, you can count on the creamy dessert whenever your unannounced guests show up. Here are five variations of custard you can make this season.

Caramel Custard

Caramel custard, also known as Flan, is one of the most loved types of custard. The dessert is characterised by its utterly sweet caramelised base. To get the sugary base, all you need to do is caramelise sugar and then pour the custard. You can then allow both the layers to cool down and then refrigerate for a classic flan.

Avocado Custard

Avocado has been gaining popularity thanks to its innumerable health benefits. Surprisingly, avocados are also a great ingredient to add to classic custard. To make an avocado custard, you can start by blending avocados with lemon juice, milk and sugar. When the mixture is smooth, you can stir in heavy cream. Finally, refrigerate for a few hours till it is set.

Mango Custard

Mango custard is one of the most frequently made types of custard, especially in the summer season. The loved fruit, mango, perfectly balances the smooth and creamy custard. You can make mango custard in two ways. Either you can simmer the custard mixture with mango puree, or you can add chopped mango chunks to freshly prepared custard before refrigeration.

Cardamom Custard

Cardamom custard can totally steal the spotlight of any occasion. Adding cardamom to your classic custard can help elevate the taste and fragrance of the dessert. You can make cardamom custard by adding cardamom powder infused with vanilla essence to your usual custard mixture. This dessert is perfect for any family dinner with an elaborate menu.

Fruit Custard

Fruit custard is another popular variation that you can try this summer. The process of making a smooth fruit custard is almost similar to that of classic vanilla custard. You can make it either from scratch or by just adding milk to a custard premix. Once the vanilla custard is ready, you can add some chopped seasonal fruits like mangoes, bananas, grapes, berries, etc., and mix them. Now, all that’s left is to refrigerate before serving.