Not Just A Bowl Of Custard: 4 Exciting Desserts You Can Make With Custard Powder

Cooking can turn into a monotonous task rather than a fun activity if we continue to stick to the same old recipes all the time. A little bit of change is always good. Besides, don’t we all get bored of eating the same food over and over again? Whenever we are in a mood for something new, we can try our best and employ our free time into reinventing the recipes by giving them a little bit of a delicious twist. Tweaking the recipes can amp up our usual dishes in terms of both taste and flavours. Believe it or not, it is always exciting to play with the ingredients and keep changing the style of cooking in the kitchen from time to time. Have you ever tried using a pouch of custard powder for anything other than using it to whip up a bowl of custard? You are going to be amazed once you come across all the exciting desserts you can make with custard powder. Custard powder is one of those ingredients that can be used while making any dessert which acts such a great substitute for eggs. Without further ado, let’s reveal the recipes. Here are some irresistible desserts  we want you to try.

1. Custard Powder Ice Cream

This mouth-watering ice cream can be made with just custard powder, milk and sugar. Enjoy whipping up this dessert and devour every bit of it.

2. Custard Powder Cake

Have you ever tried a bright yellow coloured vanilla cake? This custard powder cake looks incredibly tempting and tastes super delicious.

3. Custard Powder Halwa

Try this unique halwa that is sure to win over your hearts with its pleasing flavors and deliciousness.

4. Eggless Custard Powder Cookies

Bake a batch of these melt-in-the mouth eggless cookies that can be made effortless in a jiffy.

You won’t find such amazing recipes anywhere else, so try them out soon before it’s too late.