5 Ways To Infuse International Flavours Into Indian Sweets

Peda, rasgulla, rabri, and other sweet delights have existed in India for centuries now. They are an integral part of Indian cuisine, gatherings, and festivities. However, for aeons, vendors, barring a few exceptions, have been serving them in a traditional format. For example, gulab jamun is served dipped in sugar syrup and pedal is offered as is.

Video Credit: Your Food Lab/ YouTube

Contemporary and home chefs experimenting not just with recipes but also with presentation gives you an edge to explore creative ways to present traditional Indian sweets. If you are a home baker looking to offer your customers a unique blend of Indian delights infused with international flavours, here are a few recommendations you must consider.

Rabri Parfait

If you want your customers to experience a burst of flavour in a dessert, present it in the form of parfait. Multiple layers in a glass make it more appealing and interesting. Prepare rabri and let it cool off. Meanwhile, crumble motichoor ladoos in a bowl. Take glasses and start layering crumbled ladoos with rabri. Keep adding a layer of whipped cream along with a garnish of crushed almonds and pistachios after layers of rabri and ladoo. Serve it chilled after refrigerating for 4-6 hours.

Malpua Shrikhand Tart

While tart is a French delicacy, you can do wonders with it if you get a little creative. Follow the recipe to create multiple small but crispy tarts. While they get baked and cool off, prepare small malpu and keep them dipped in the sugar solution. Next on the list is shrikhand. After everything is ready, start assembling by placing malpua in the tart and topping it with shrikhand. Complete the dish by garnishing it with saffron and rose petals. After chilling for a colour of hours, serve it to your guests.

Peda Cake

Peda cake is a delicious combination of Indian and international flavours. One of the best aspects of this fusion is you can do away with eggs and butter. Prepare a thick paste of ghee and milk. Mix it gradually with powdered sugar and crushed cardamoms. Once the mixture cools off, add vanilla essence, and spread it in a cake pan. You can bake it for 10 minutes and decorate it with butter frosting. Let it chill and serve it to your guests. 

Gulab Jamun Truffles

If you think truffles need to be sweeter, make them with gulab jamun. Imagine a truffle melting in your mouth the moment you take a bit of it. Melt your favourite chocolate in a double boiler. Meanwhile, refrigerate gulab jamun overnight with a small amount of sugar syrup. Cold gulab jamuns are easy to work with. Dip the gulab jamuns in melted chocolate, coat them with cocoa powder, and top them with crushed pistachios.

Rasmalai Cupcake

Once you try rasmalai cupcakes, you will not have the two dishes separately. Start by preparing cupcakes the way you like, with eggs, vegetarian, or vegan. Keep them aside to cool off. Prepare the filling using granulated sugar, ricotta cheese, grounded cardamoms, and heavy whipped cream. Using a piping bag, fill cupcakes with this delicious mixture. Using an electric beater, combine unsalted butter, powdered sugar, Kewra essence, mascarpone cheese, and condensed milk until you achieve soft peaks. Decorate the cupcakes with this frosting.