5 Condiment Ideas To Give Your Sandwiches An Instant Upgrade
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Gone are the days when sandwiches were limp, soggy masses of food that were boring and lacklustre in flavour. In recent times, the sandwich has become a benchmark for a working lunch or a substantial snack that one can enjoy when the hunger pangs strike during the middle of the day. Using good quality fresh bread, artisanal cheeses and cold cuts, fresh and pickled veggies make the sandwich come to life in ways that one wouldn’t have imagined possible, while growing up. However, what transforms a good sandwich to a great one, is the way one utilises condiments – packed with flavour, adding depth and bright to taste.

Go Classic

Have a good stock of quintessential condiments like mayonnaise, honey mustard and horseradish in your pantry for adding some body as well as avoiding the possibility of having to bite into a dry sandwich. Use a spicy chipotle sauce to layer heat in a classic grilled cheese or add a dash or two of mustard to a decadent salami sandwich to cut through the richness of the fatty cold cut.

Simple Upgrades

Turn basic condiments into fabulous elements for a sandwich using a few simple but effective techniques. For example, mince a clove or two of garlic into mayonnaise or add a few dashes of curry powder to your cream cheese spread for some added zing. Get creative and add a touch of honey to hot sauce, before using it as a spread on your sandwich to get a sweet-spicy kick everytime you take a bite.

Repurpose Sauces

If you have some chimichurri-esque sauce or a cheesy queso leftover from a previous meal, stick them into a sandwich. While purists might argue that sandwich spreads must be of a certain characteristic to fit between two slices of bread, using up what you have left, in innovative ways, allows one to experiment with flavour profiles and combinations. Similarly, using up remnants of the butter chicken gravy or bechamel from making mac and cheese can be utilised in building a delicious sandwich.

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Add Punches Of Flavour

Combine the virtue of using a condiment in your sandwich by pairing it with equally flavoursome ingredients like garlic confit, sundried tomatoes, vinegary pickles or sweet peppers. Not only do these details bring in texture, they also have sharp and prominent flavours that complement the overall sandwich experience. Although not always is it possible to have a distinct flavour stand out in a sandwich, it is surely rewarding to mix and match as per taste.

Balance With Sweetness

A good recipe is all about balancing and adding contrasts with flavours of ingredients that taste completely different from the other. Using sweet elements like caramelised onions, raspberry or tomato jam in a Croque Madame, adds a wonderful salty-sweet medley and is also a creative way to make the most of ingredients that you might have lying around. Pick up jams made with seasonal fruits and veggies to make the most of freshly produced condiments that celebrates seasonal variety in ingredients.