5 Cold Soup Dishes For Summers
Image Credit: loveandlemons.com

Soups have always been associated with winters owing to the availability of fresh, seasonal, produce. They're also meant to be had piping hot, so that the body can get warm in cold weather conditions. But over the years, the idea of having cold soups became more prominent and nowadays people have incorporated cold soups to be a part of their summer diet. Refreshing, nutritious, cooling, and healthy, these cold soups will help you beat the heat. The idea behind having a cold soup is to have something quick and easy to make, and at the same time filling and wholesome with the ingredients used that have inherent cooling properties. Owing to the high-water content of the ingredients used, these soups are hydrating to the body. Juice of a fruit, puree of a vegetable, or yoghurt turned into soups for the summer, here are 5 cold soup dishes that one must experience. 

1. Tomato Soup 

Image Credit: thepeppercook.com


The red flesh of the watermelon is scooped out and pureed. Then it is simmered with chilli flakes, minced ginger and garlic, and mint leaves before chilling and serving cold. 

5. Avocado Spinach Soup 

Spinach is parboiled and then blended with an avocado, minced ginger-garlic, a few green chillies and heavy cream. The avocado and the heavy cream add to the thickness of the dish and the nutritious and fibre-rich spinach helps keep our bodies cool during the summer.