5 Cocktails For The Mojito Enthusiast In You

The mojito is one of the most popular contemporary cocktails owing to its fresh notes and rejuvenating flavours. Composed primarily of white rum, lemon juice, mint, sugar, and soda or carbonated water, this cocktail has established a stronghold even among those who are not frequent alcohol drinkers. Additionally, the mojito is a highly versatile cocktail; it can be made in several flavours, such as strawberry and mango as well as using different spirits, including tequila and vodka, making it a timeless classic.

Thanks to the mojito’s far-ranging reach and ability to pair well with a plethora of flavours and spirits, cocktail experts and creatives have envisioned a host of mojito-like drinks, which will be covered in this article. While these drinks have distinct differences from the mojito, one can say that they have been inspired by the mojito. Not only will these drinks refine and expand one’s palate for cocktails but also expose him or her to different kinds of cocktails, and showcase the diverse world of cocktails.

Take a look at the below mojito-inspired cocktails to awaken the cocktail aficionado in you!

Mint Julep

Hailing from the state of Kentucky in the southern United States, the mint julep blends the cooling effects of mint with the velvety texture of bourbon. This southern classic beautifully combines the different flavours of mint and whiskey to create a revitalizing cocktail that is guaranteed to enchant and invigorate the drinker. To get the best taste out of this cocktail, crush fresh mint leaves and mix them with the bourbon; add crushed ice to the mixture, and lastly pour a small amount of syrup over the assembled cocktail.

Mint Daiquiri

As mint is an essential component of mojito, it is only natural that mojito-inspired cocktails will also feature mint heavily. Mint daiquiri is a Caribbean classic that is popularly regarded as a more advanced version of the classic mojito. Although composed of the same ingredients as the classic mojito, such as white rum, lemon juice, and mint leaves, the daiquiri tends to be sweeter than the mojito. Despite this, both the mojito as well as the daiquiri are two side of the same coin and are equally exhilarating.

Old Cuban

A little-known fact about the mojito is that it originated in the tiny Caribbean island of Cuba. Therefore, the Old Cuban is an ideal mojito-inspired cocktail. Old Cuban gives off an air of luxury and royalty thanks to its inclusion of champagne. To prepare this cocktail, aged rum, mint leaves, bitters, and syrup are combined and then sprinkled with the “bubbly” sparkling wine known as champagne. The resulting cocktail is a rich and varied drink that is fit for royalty.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a visually striking cocktail that oozes all things fresh and minty. The main ingredients that go in the preparation of this cool blue concoction are vodka, blue curacao, which lends the drink its stunning colour, and lemonade. A hearty helping of mint leaves are added to the mixture to infuse the cocktail with the distinctive notes of the mojito. Try making this splendid cocktail at your next party and surprise your guests with your newly-gained cocktails knowledge and finesse!

Mai Tai

Originating in the sunny climes of Polynesia, the Mai Tai is a unique and replenishing cocktail that is infused light and dark rum, orange liqueur, lime juice, and orgeat syrup. To give this cocktail a mojito-inspired twist, sprinkle it with fresh mint leaves and add crushed ice. This unforgettable concoction of diverse flavours is an excellent innovation resulting from the simple mojito. Try it out for yourself and go on a virtual tour of Fiji and other Polynesian islands with each unforgettable sip.