5 Classic Breakfast Combos For A Delectable Morning Meal
Image Credit: Image: Shutterstock

Breakfast is one meal that one must never skip. It is what energises our body for the rest of the day. While having a wholesome, healthy breakfast is what is often recommended, on some days, it can be an indulgent one too. Picture a spread of parathas, pickle, and curd, or a scrumptious platter of pancakes and deep-fried samosas. Aren’t you slurping already? Well, Indian cuisine has a repertoire of breakfast dishes that are just too hard to resist. 

So, if you are someone who likes their first meal of the day to be a delicious affair, we’ve got some classic desi breakfast combinations for you. Think of robust chole bhature, lip-smacking aloo puri and much more, these recipes are perfect to treat your loved ones too.  

1. Chole Bhature 

This is one of the most popular dishes in India, especially in the northern region. A mouth-watering amalgamation of spicy and flavourful chole (chickpeas), along with hot and puffy bhature, this one makes for a perfect north Indian indulgence. 

2. Misal Pav 

The star of Maharashtrian street food, misal pav needs no introduction. A spicy, flavourful curry made with moth beans, misal includes a whole lot of eclectic spices, onion, garlic, ginger, and chillies. It is best paired with buttered pav. 

3. Bedmi Puri And Aloo  

Bedmi puri with aloo curry is a mouth-watering combination that isn’t just quick and easy but also super fulfilling. Bedmi puri is truly the star of this combo, as it comes stuffed with generous amounts of dal and spices as well, while aloo is as lip-smacking as you can imagine it to be. 

4. Idli Sambhar 

South India has its own list of comforting and delightful breakfast combinations. But if you ask us, the classic idli-sambar tops the list. Simple, light, and utterly delicious, idli-sambar is what we can never say no to.

5. Nagori Halwa 

Straight from the streets of Old Delhi, this breakfast combination has always been a favourite among foodies. Nagori is a tiny, crispy, and crumbly poori made with semolina (sooji) and ghee. And no, it isn’t just served with halwa, but also paired with aloo masala sabzi and kesari sooji halwa.