5 Budget-Friendly Snacks For Your Weekend House Party
Image Credit: Budget-friendly snacks

It’s almost the end of the week and we know you must be busy planning your weekend house party. After all, draining the entire week’s stress is a much-needed task to complete. Sure, you wouldn’t want to spend all your salary in the first weekend of the month itself. Here are some budget-friendly party snacks that you can add to your party menu:

1. Vegetables And A Yoghourt Dip

Don’t want to go for an expensive party snack menu? Then, vegetables and yoghurt dip are your go-to option. Low on budget, easy and fuss-free, this party food is the one to count on when you are trying to save while arranging a house party.

2. Make Your Own Pizzas

Ordering pizzas can be a costly affair. So, make them at home or even better allow your guests to make their own pizzas. Just add some pizza bases, toppings and grated cheese on your table along with an oven.

3. Hummus

Take your guests on a culinary ride to the Middle East with this irresistibly moreish dip. Hummus is a quite easy, quick, wholesome and healthy dip. All you need to prepare it are minimal kitchen ingredients and voila! Your party menu is amped up to a whole new level in no time.

4. Devilled Eggs

Although made with minimal kitchen staples, devilled eggs are a fancy-looking party snack. Add seasonings of your choice to the yolk mixture and pipe them over the boiled egg halves for a filling, decadent and wholesome party snack. You can add sprinkles of your choice to make them look more appealing.

5. Soup

Most of us look for a light appetiser to start our house party, and we can’t think of anything better than soup. Quite inexpensive to prepare, soup is easy to make and definitely a crowd-pleaser. All you need are basic kitchen utensils like soup bowls, spoons, ladle and a few toppings to revamp your food table.