5 Benefits Of Adding Garam Masala To Your Dishes
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The traditional Indian spice blend known as garam masala is utilised in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines. Numerous fragrant Indian spices are ground into garam masala in precise proportions and kept in airtight containers for use in cooking. Garam masala has long been used to flavour food in India. If you ask someone how the spice blend is made, you're likely to receive a variety of different recipes in return. Since every Indian household makes garam masala to suit their own unique tastes and preferences, there is no set recipe for creating it. The consensus among Indians, however, appears to be that homemade garam masala is superior to store-bought garam masala. Garam masala is added to every Indian dish. It is not only delicious but is beneficial for human health as well. 

Here are some benefits of Garam Masala

Boosts digestion

By encouraging the production of gastric secretions in the stomach, garam masala stimulates hunger and improves digestion, which is two of its key advantages. In the garam masala, cumin and cloves alleviate indigestion, and cloves also lessen acidity. Garam masala with pepper and cardamom may also aid with digestion.

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Antioxidants found in abundance in garam masala shield the body's cells from free radical damage. Your body's cells are harmed by free radicals, which may also contribute to an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. Garam masala contains antioxidants that lower your risk of stroke, control your heart rate, and speed up your metabolism.

Improves Immunity

The use of garam masala has been shown to increase body immunity. Because the spice raises body temperature, it protects you from colds and fever. By including it in your regular meals, you'll enhance the blood and oxygen flow to all of your body's organs, which will help your body get rid of toxins.

Lowers BP

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, garam masala is advantageous for lowering cholesterol. It aids in balancing the body's levels of good and bad cholesterol by raising the good. While coriander has qualities that lower blood cholesterol, certain of its constituents, like pepper, clove, and cinnamon, are known to lower blood sugar levels.

Maintains Heart Health

Regular consumption of garam masala reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack. Its components, such as cardamom and coriander, assure general heart health and lower the chance of a stroke. Garam masala can be added to a variety of savoury foods, including stews and curries. To ensure that it is conveniently included in your daily diet, the best solution is to add it to your tea