Can you imagine a rustic Indian curry without a generous addition of all the staple Indian spices? That big spice box in your kitchen cabinet is there for a reason after all! One staple Indian spice that no Indian kitchen is complete without is definitely the quintessential- Garam Masala. If you go by the traditional meaning of it, it refers to a masala made with 'warm' spices. All thanks to the whole spices used to prepare it, the masala generates heat in the body besides adding whole lot of flavour to whichever delicacy you add it to! 

Garam Masala is touted as one of the must-haves in an Indian kitchen, specially up in the northern regions. This is one reason why you can also get it so easily in the markets. But the authentic flavour that you can get it in homemade garam masala is truly unmatched. Even a small batch can last you a long time. And did you know garam masala has plenty of benefits too? As per experts, some of the spices used in garam masala including cinnamon, cloves and peppercorns, has multiple health benefits. From boosting digestion and metabolism to fighting bloating, garam masala may do wonders for your overall health.

There is no one universal recipe to make garam masala since the proportion of ingredients and method can differ in different households. For instance, some might like to dry roast the spices on tawa while others might like to roast it outside in the sun for the flavours to accentuate. After it is ready, it is better to store the powder in air-tight container to keep it fresh and retain its aroma.

Here’s a simple recipe to make garam masala at home: 

How To Make Garam Masala 


2 sticks cinnamon 

1 ½ tbsp cardamom 

2 tbsp clove 

1 tbsp peppercorns 

3 Bay Leaves 


1. Grind all the ingredients together in a blender to a powder. 

2. Dry roast the powder for about 5 minutes on a pan. 

3. Store in an air-tight container.