5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Petha
Image Credit: Unsplash

Also known as "Petha" in Hindi, "Boodida Gummadi" in Telugu, "Neer Pooshnikkai" in Tamil, and "Kumbalam" in Malayalam, this white-fleshed fruit with green skin has been a favourite in Indian households. Since ancient times, this green vegetable has been revered for its medicinal properties, which are well documented in Ayurvedic texts. Today, it is still celebrated for its numerous health benefits and is widely used in popular Indian cuisine, as well as in the treatment of stomach, liver, and skin ailments, to name a few.

Ash gourd grows wild in South-East Asian countries such as India, Sri Lanka, China, Nepal, and Indonesia, as well as in Australia's warmer southern regions.

It is a creeper with large yellow flowers. The leaves are 10 to 20 centimetres long and have a hairy long stem. The fruits are typically oval in shape and can reach a diameter of 30 centimetres. Plant propagation is accomplished through the use of seeds.

When immature, this vegetable has a white, thick flesh that is sweet. When it reaches maturity, it loses its hair and develops a waxy coating that gives it long shelf life.

Ash gourd is a vegetable that is commonly used in the preparation of a variety of staple Indian dishes such as kootu, curry, sabzi, and dal, as well as sweets and candies. Here are reasons why you should eat petha or ash gourd.

1. Aids Digestion

The basic nature of ash gourd aids in preventing the development of ulcers on the linings of the stomach and intestine. This is highly beneficial and useful for reducing acidity brought on by spicy foods or prolonged fasting. Additionally, ash gourd functions as an anti-microbial agent and aids in the removal of all harmful germs from the stomach and intestine.

2. Stops Bleeding

Ash gourd is a natural anticoagulant, that aids in bleeding control. This vegetable is extremely beneficial for internal bleeding. When taken on a regular basis, it helps to prevent nosebleeds, which are common in the summer. It also aids in the treatment of conditions such as haematuria, bleeding ulcers, piles, and other internal bleeds that can be stopped by consuming Ash gourd juice.

3. Good For Mental Health

As a natural sedative, ash gourd aids in the treatment of mental illnesses. It is calming to the nerves and the brain. As a result, it is used to treat nervous system disorders such as epilepsy, anxiety, insomnia, neurosis, and paranoia. A glass of ash gourd juice a day can help you deal with the stress of the day and keep you calm.

4. Helps Skin And Hair

Ash gourd is extremely beneficial to skin and hair. You wouldn't expect it from ash gourd, but it has cosmetic applications. When applied to the skin alongside lemon juice or as part of another face pack, the juice is also known for removing dark spots and bringing a natural glow to the skin.

5. Helps In Weight Loss

Ash gourd is a very good choice for weight loss because it is high in nutrients and contains 96% water. The finest substitute for calorie-dense foods if you're trying to lose weight is Ash gourd juice or curry.