40-Year-Old Iconic Samrat Restaurant From Bengaluru To Shut Shop
Image Credit: Unsplash

Samrat restaurant is unavoidable when discussing prominent eating establishments in Bengaluru. For the past 45 years, the restaurant inside the Chalukya hotel has served mouthwatering South Indian cuisine and more. According to the most recent sources, while the Chalukya Hotel and its facilities will stay open, the famed restaurant will be closed from September 25.

Since 1977, the restaurant has been known for high-profile customers such as politicians, bureaucrats, government and non-government employees, and tourists. According to accounts, the legendary eatery draws at least 3,000 guests per day, with the number increasing to 5000 on weekends. Some of their most popular meals include Masala Dosa, Vada, and Badam Halwa.

Samrat will close on the 25th, but a miniature replica, known as Mini Samrat, has already opened in Vasanthnagar near Ambedkar Bhavan. The proprietors confirmed in a statement that none of the original restaurant's employees will work there. The building's lease has expired, and the restaurant owners have been requested to depart. People began sharing memories and expressing disappointment on social media as soon as the news that Samrat restaurant was closing became public.

The Bengaluru blogosphere was buzzing with comments from netizens who were saddened to learn that their favourite restaurant had closed. “Samrat?! Really?! But, why? It's one of my personal favourites! That was THE meeting place for every politician, bureaucrat, lawyer, businessman, and underworld figure! Everyone in town used to congregate there! "Man, I've got to get there tomorrow!" tweeted by a user named Genius Paradox. Another user named Venkatesh added, "This is heartbreaking. I used to frequent there for Rava Idli. I've never had a better Rava Idli."

Some, however, claim that the brand's flavour and quality have declined since the good old days. Agent Peenya, a Twitter user, stated, "Have you been recently? Their palm oil soaking dose, their once-celebrated "north and south dishes," have all declined in quality. I went last month to investigate whether the poor quality was a one-time occurrence, but it wasn't! The palm oil dose was once again disappointing."

Some agreed, claiming that the quality has been declining since the father's death a few years ago. "I went last month (after nearly three years) and was quite disappointed!" "However, they are still packed at lunch hours," a tweet stated. According to The Hindu, the restaurant will remain open till September 25. It serves approximately 3,000 clients per day. According to the article, the closure will result in the dismissal of 80 to 90 personnel.