4 Yummy Desserts You Only Need Milk And Bread To Make

With another week in February kicking off today, we know how the Monday blues are getting to us. The long week awaits us ahead and we know it demands us to tackle it with bucket loads of smiles and good vibes. And if you are one of those people for whom cooking comes as therapy, you know what to do to bring a smile to your face. A good but short and comforting cooking session with soothing music is all you need to chase the blues away. You should be able to do the cooking with minimal ingredients and it should be quick and relaxing. To serve this purpose, we bring you four desserts that you can make in a jiffy using just two of your kitchen staples - milk and bread. Check them out.

1. Shahi Tukda

The OG Mughlai dessert has kept Indians hooked to it for ages now. Made with crispy fried bread and rabri, Shahi Tukda is simple, quick and decadent. The dessert is a melange of flavours, textures and aromas and is perfect to drive your blues away.

2. Bread Pudding

The simple and quick dessert is sure to woo everyone. Make this dessert while you have dinner and it’ll be ready to spruce up your post-dinner sessions.

3. Cream Roll

Make a decadent filling with hung curd and icing sugar or cream and use them to make a cream roll. Fill the bread slices with the cream or curd mixture and pan-fry or deep-fry them to satisfy your cravings.

4. Rasmalai

Already drooling? Well, that’s rasmalai for you. This Indian dessert is fragrant and flavourful and can turn your day around in a jiffy. Replace the rasgullas in rasmalai with fried or sugar syrup-soaked milk and serve them with flavoured rabri or simple flavoured-milk.

Try these easy milk and bread desserts and let us know how they turn out.